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Borderlands 2 Defeat Flynt

Updated on September 23, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat Flynt

Borderlands 2 Defeat Flynt.  Watch out! Flynt is about to unleash his pyro attack. L uckily the hero is in the shack. Smart!
Borderlands 2 Defeat Flynt. Watch out! Flynt is about to unleash his pyro attack. L uckily the hero is in the shack. Smart!

Borderlands 2 Defeat Flynt

In Borderlands, the hero must defeat Flynt at the end of the Best Minion Ever quest. Flynt is the tyrant pirate who has taken over "Claptrap's ship". He is also the tormentor of Claptrap over the last few months. Hence Claptrap has brought his best minion ever to defeat Flynt and end the torment. This will guide the vault hunter on how to use shrewd tactics to defeat Flynt, and how to take out Flynt's minions with stealth and sniper tactics.

Borderlands 2 Get Past the Marauders and Bandits in the Soaring Dragon

Before facing Flynt, the hero must get past the marauders and the bandits that lie in the Soaring Dragon stakeout. As the assassin hero Zero, the vault hunter will use stealth and sniper techniques to zoom in and take out the bandits. To do this, the hero searches for vantage points along the battle path towards Flynt. These vantage points are listed below -

  • from the end of the fight with the brothers, go past the exit into the soaring dragon area. The hero will arrive at a high ground - take out the marauders on the right.
  • move to the area before the main entrance into the Soaring Dragon camp; on the vantage point on the right, take out the marauders from the high ground.
  • enter the compound once the bandits are cleared; get to the high ground on the right before the second entrance and take out more bandits
  • past a tunnel, the hero must head towards the third entrance, and use the barrel as cover to take out the bandits; there will be a health and shield vending machine in this area. Use this to the hero's advantage.
  • the hero will see Claptrap being beaten up by some bandits; defeat them and go up the stairs by following Claptrap.

The hero will arrive at ambush points by climbing up the stairs. Use deception, the sniper rifle and the gunstock iron to defeat the marauders and bandits at the ambush points. Toss in a grenade when these bandits converge at one point.

All Guns Blazing vs Shrewd Tactics to Defeat Flynt

Finally the hero will climb a ramp and reach a small shack with an ammo and grenade vending machine. Beyond this, the hero can jump down and see Flynt in the distance. Flynt attacks!

There are two ways to approach this - either go in all guns blazing and dodge left and right before engaging Flynt in a pyro vs bullets fight, or use the shrewd approach. The hero will likely be outmatched by Flynt's pyro firepower, and will be engulfed in a fiery ball of death in an all guns blazing approach.

The vault hunter will be remolecularized as a New-U at the nearby machine. Now the vault hunter needs to use the shrewd approach to defeat Flynt. This tactic is simple; don't leave the shack with the ammo vending machine. Fire at Flynt from this shack. Use the sniper rifle or other hugely damaging weapons. Throw in some grenades. Avoid the attacks of the pyro psychos and Flynt's fire attack. When the hero runs out of ammo and grenades, get more from the vending machine, and resume the attacks. Eventually Flynt will be defeated. Grab the pyro pistol from him.

It's time to head to Sanctuary.


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