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Borderlands 2 Destroy the Mortar Beacons in Slab Town

Updated on October 4, 2012

Borderlands 2 Destroy the Mortar Beacons In Slab Town

In Borderlands 2, the hero must follow Brick into Slab Town to destroy the mortar beacons. The mortar beacons have been launched by Handsome Jack to allow bombs to be dropped into Slab Town. If left unchecked, Slab Town will be destroyed and the buzzards that will help in attacking Handsome Jack's stronghold will be destroyed as well. This scenario will introduce new enemy loaders into the borderlands 2 game. This will guide the hero on how to defeat the new loaders and destroy the mortar beacons in slab town and win this battle against Handsome Jack.

Borderlands 2 Defeat War Loader

Borderlands 2 Follow Brick to Defeat the War Loaders
Borderlands 2 Follow Brick to Defeat the War Loaders

Follow Brick and Destroy War Loaders

Brick will run out of his slab headquarters. This melee juggernaut does not use ranged weapons. He simply pounds the loaders and enemies into oblivion using his fists. His large figure will also serve as a brick wall in preventing bullets and other enemy fire from reaching the hero. So follow Brick and tag behind his large figure. When the enemies are not firing, come out from behind him and attack the enemies.

This tactics is best used against the war loaders. This is a watered down version of the super badass loader. The war loader's two arms contain multiple missiles that will launch into the hero and cause continuous fire damage. This can put down the vault hunter very easily. So use Brick as a brick wall and hit the war loader from behind. Then the fight against the war loader will be very easy indeed.

Follow Brick and Destroy Ion Loaders

The tactics to defeat the Ion Loaders are different. Here the hero can stand behind Brick but the electricity attacks from the ion loader will still reach the vault hunter, causing damage. The most important feature of the ion loader is its ability to create an umbrella shield around it. Other loaders can enter this umbrella shield and attack the hero from within. However, the hero's attacks cannot get past this shield. To defeat the ion loaders and the enemies within the shield, the vault hunter has to rush into the shield and take out the ion loader from within. On route, the hero will be subjected to electricity attacks and other attacks from the other loaders. There is a good chance the hero will perish.

Destroy the Mortar Beacons

The mortar beacons are located around Slab Town. Follow the directions on the minimap and get to the beacon. The way to the beacons will be blocked by gun loaders, ion loaders and war loaders. Defeat them using tactics described above. Surprisingly there are no hidden traps on route to the beacons. Destroy them whilst fending off attacks from Hyperion troops. When the final mortar beacon is destroyed, the hero should talk to Brick. The Slab King will be convinced to return to the Crimson Raiders.

Now the hero must take on Handsome Jack, or his double anyway …......


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