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Borderlands 2 the Once and Future Slab Quest

Updated on January 13, 2014

Borderlands 2 the Once and Future Slab Quest

To deliver the note to the Slab King is difficult and the most difficult enemies of them all are the group of badass goliaths that will tear the hero apart.
To deliver the note to the Slab King is difficult and the most difficult enemies of them all are the group of badass goliaths that will tear the hero apart.

In Borderlands 2, the hero must enlist the help of the slab king in the Once and Future Slab quest. The Crimson Raiders need the slab king to supply them with the forces (presumably the buzzards) essential in breaching the defenses of Handsome Jack and get the vault key. The hero must travel to the Thousand Cuts area and be initiated into the ranks of the Slabs to talk to the slab king. This will guide the hero on how to survive the initiation quest, get past the slab guards and get to the Slab King to deliver a note to him.

Get to the Thousand Cuts Area

The vault hunter should fast travel to the Highlands Hyperion Bridge and use a vehicle to get to the Thousand Cuts Area. Once within the thousand cuts area, there will be a fast travel station and ammo and health stations near here. This is a useful point to serve as a base for going back to Sanctuary to complete side quests and get great weapons. It will also serve as a respawn point to get more ammo and health for the dangers ahead, should the hero perish.

Get to the Slab King

When the hero starts at the thousand cuts area, it looks like it will be an easy trip to get to the slab king. One glance at the area suggests that the hero only has to come up against standard foes like badass psychos, suicide psychos, midgets and marauders. However, as the hero travels deeper into this area, the Slab King declares that the hero need to be initiated in order to talk to him. This is when the difficult part of this mission comes in, as multiple tough foes such as bruisers and goliaths appear to stop the hero from advancing further.

The hero can either fight through everyone, or run through everything, or try a combination of fight and run tactics. Whatever the hero chooses, remember to follow the arrow signs until the vault hunter reaches an area on the ground where he can jump down to draw within touching distance of the Slab King.

Borderlands 2 Survive the Initiation

The hero must survive the initiation once he jumps into the chamber of the slab king. Here the slab king commands his slab minions to attack the hero. The hero will be pinned down by lots of slab mobs. There are several ways to come out victorious and speak to the Slab King. One of these is to run and hide in corners in this large chamber. One such area to hide in is in the right hand corner of the chamber when facing the slab king. From here, the assassin hero should use sniper weapons to take out multiple foes.

The enemies will become harder and harder as the battle goes on. First badass marauders will attack the hero. Later badass goliaths will rise and attack the hero. In addition, lots of midgets will swarm and attack the hero. It is wise at this time to create more chaos by attacking the heads of one or two of the goliaths to create enraged goliaths. If these goliaths are already badass goliaths, they can super transform into super badass goliaths. These enraged goliaths will not differentiate between friend and foe and will "help" the hero attack the enemies. Run around the compound using the above tactics and defeat the slab bandits.

Once they are all defeated, the Slab King Brick will come forth and greet the hero. Brick will then lead the hero into the next stage of the assault against the Hyperion forces.


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