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Borderlands 2 Lair of the Firehawk Fight

Updated on September 26, 2012

Borderlands 2 Lair of the Firehawk Fight

It's hard not to appreciate the beauty of the firehawk's combat powers in borderlands 2.
It's hard not to appreciate the beauty of the firehawk's combat powers in borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Lair of the Firehawk Fight

In Borderlands 2, the lair of the firehawk fight takes place after the hero discovers the identity of Firehawk. Firehawk is not the enemy of Roland, but is in fact Lilith. She is Roland's girlfriend and Roland was taken whilst visiting her. The hero must now fight together with Lilith the firehawk in the Lair of the Firehawk against waves of bandit attacks. This will guide the hero on how to survive this particular fight.

Watch the Firehawk in Action

The lair of the firehawk fight is not difficult. What is difficult is to tear one's eyes from the mesmerizing sirenic attacks that Lilith the firehawk will produce in this fight.

Lilith has acquired super siren abilities by using eridium. With eiridum in her body, she is able to move at lightning speed and produce fireworks and also transport objects and people. Her combat stance and movements resemble that of a fiery angel, with the agility and grace of a firehawk. It is difficult not to watch her in action during this fight and forget that the hero is also fighting off enemies.

Tactics to Defeat Enemies in the Lair of the Firehawk Fight

The main enemies in this fight are psychos and marauders. The assassin hero can employ various tactics in this fight. When the psychos rush towards the hero, go into deception mode and the psychos will go after the hologram decoy. The hero can then come up behind the psychos and deliver a crippling melee attack against them. Then run off again and allow deception to recharge before using this technique

The hero can also let Firehawk do the fighting and use himself as a physical decoy to lure the enemies to the path of the speed running Firehawk. The enemies will be damaged by Firehawk, and the hero simply has to dodge the attacks of the enemies until Firehawk can recharge her abilities and run them over again.

The hero and Firehawk have to endure at least two waves of attacks from the bandits. This means the hero must have brought enough shielding for this fight, as he will invariably be damaged by the enemies. One other tactic that the hero can use is to run into the room with the health and ammo vending machines and use that to replenish ammo and health.

Some of the tactics above will have to be modified when the badass psychos enter the fight. At first, there will only be one badass psycho, so the fight is manageable. However, during the final waves of battle, two badass psychos will appear. The hero should only handle one badass psycho at a time, and leave the other badass psycho to Firehawk.

The weapon to use against the badass psycho is the original splatgun, or any other shotgun that is more powerful than this. The original Splatgun works because it can cause additional fire elemental damage that will cause the flesh exposed badass psycho to literally go up in flames. Shotguns are needed for this fight because much of the fight will be in close range, and sniper rifles will take too long to aim.

It is a good idea to lure the badass psycho to the room with the health and ammo vending machines. This way, the hero is assured of opportunities to use the machines to replenish health when needed.

With the conclusion of the Lair of the Firehawk fight, it's time to go rescue Roland.


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