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Borderlands 2 A Dam Fine Rescue

Updated on September 25, 2012

Borderlands 2 Launching A Dam Fine Rescue

Borderlands 2 Launching A Dam Fine Rescue involves defeating Bad Maw.
Borderlands 2 Launching A Dam Fine Rescue involves defeating Bad Maw.

Borderlands 2 A Dam Fine Rescue

In Borderlands 2, the hero has managed to learn a hand to help Firehawk be extracted to the Crimson Raider command center. However, Roland has been taken by the Bloodshot cult or bandit organization. The vault hunter needs to launch a dam fine rescue at the Dahl Dam to extract Roland. This will focus on the initial first part of the dam fine rescue quest and will guide the hero on how to get the bandit technical vehicle needed to produce the exact honk. The exact honk will allow the gates outside the Bloodshot stake-out to be opened and allow the hero in. It will then guide the hero on how to swiftly defeat Bad Maw and enter the compound proper.

Enter the Dust

It is not hard to find Three Horns Divide area (follow the rhombus sign at the top of the map) into the Three Horns Valley and head north. The hero's light runner will arrive at the entrance of the Bloodshot stake-out. However, when the hero honks the horn, the bandits do not recognize the hero's vehicle. He needs to use a bandit technical to trick the bandits into raising the gates. To do this, the hero needs to visit Scooter's sister Elie in the Dust area. From the bloodshot stake-out, turn right and enter the Dust.

Defeat Bandit Technicals to Harvest Bandit Vehicle Parts

Follow the map and reach Elie's garage. Elie says that she is able to input the bandit technical into the Catch-A-Ride system, provided the hero harvests five bandit vehicle parts. The only way to do this is to defeat the bandit technicals and then take their parts. This is really quite a fun part of Borderlands 2 where the hero will use his vechicle to destroy enemy vehicles and helicopters.

Approach the Bloodshot Headquarters

Return to the Three Horns Valley area just outside the Bloodshot headquarters, and visit the catch-a-ride. Activate the catch-a-ride and order a bandit technical. Drive the bandit technical and park it strategically just outside the Bloodshot gate. Honk and the gate will be opened

Now use the bandit technical to open fire at the Bloodshot compound. Enemies will be alerted to the fact that the hero has obtained a bandit technical and will start pouring into the entrance to attack the hero. The hero can either continue to use the bandit technical to fire at the enemies, or he can leave the vehicle and use conventional weapons to defeat the enemies.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Mad Maw

Finally the hero will have to leave the vehicle and approach the inner gate of the Bloodshot headquarters. When this happens, the leader of the Bloodshot cult will call upon Bad Maw and his Merry Midgets to attack the hero. It's up to the hero whether to use the honorable approach of foot and weapons combat, or the shrewd method of luring Mad Maw to the bandit technical.

This particular vault hunter will opt for the shrewd method - move towards the entrance and Mad Maw will follow. Then board the bandit technical firing seat. Mad Maw will not past beyond the entrance into the Bloodshot compound. Now just keep firing the catapult at Mad Maw until he is defeated.

It's time to unlock the inner gate of the Bloodshot stake-out and continue a dam fine rescue mission.


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