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Borderlands 2 Sanctuary Important Locations

Updated on September 24, 2012

Borderlands 2 Sanctuary Important Locations

In Borderlands 2, the hero will eventually reach Sanctuary. There are several important locations within Sanctuary. This will guide the hero on where to go within Sanctuary to get what he wants. This includes where to find the treasure chest within Sanctuary. The hero will use the golden key to unlock this treasure chest to get the purple reign weapons he needs to defeat the monsters in the canyon. It will also guide the hero on where to go to find Scooter in the Plan B quest. Other important locations within Sanctuary will be discussed too.

Borderlands 2 Arrive At Sanctuary

Borderlands 2 Suppressive Railer

Get the purple weapons from the treasure chest in Sanctuary and this fantastic sniper rifle.
Get the purple weapons from the treasure chest in Sanctuary and this fantastic sniper rifle.

Borderlands 2 Where to Find the Treasure Chest in Sanctuary to Get the Purple Weapons

The vault hunter's immediate goal on reaching Sanctuary is to get the golden key to open the treasure chest. The treasure chest is not labelled on the Sanctuary map. However, the hero can find the treasure chest by looking for the fast travel point in Sanctuary. The treasure chest is found just about opposite to the fast travel machine.

Unlocking the treasure chest revealed the following weapons for this particular hero. These weapons are preciously important for the next part of the Borderlands 2 main storyline. They are -

Borderlands 2 Sanctuary Map

Borderlands 2 Sanctuary Map
Borderlands 2 Sanctuary Map

Borderlands 2 Plan B Quest

The plan B quest requires the hero to meet Scooter, the engineer in charge of Sanctuary. This is basically a walk around quest or a tour of Sanctuary. Follow the map, meet Scooter and then go around Sanctuary to place the fuel cell. On route to placing the fuel cells, the hero will get the chance to be acquainted with the element Eridium, and then use Eridium to exchange for the Black Market items like increasing backpack contents. Finally, the hero will be directed to Commander Roland's command center.

Within the command center, the hero will learn of its storage abilities. In addition, the hero will also be able to pick up an echo report that tells the hero what to do for the next part of the quest. Once this part of the quest is completed, the vault hunter will receive the third weapon slot. This is incredibly important at this stage of the game.

Sanctuary Other Locations and Beginning Side Missions

There are other locations within Sanctuary that the hero may feel are important and may want to visit. There are the standard ammo, health and weapon vending machines. One important area which the hero should not forget is the skills redistribution station. There are also side missions available throughout Sanctuary including -

  • Do No Harm (from Dr Zed: buy health products, reward - cash)
  • Cult Following Eternal Flame (from Firehawk, reward - shield / pistol)
  • Claptrap's Secret Stash (reward - allows all the characters for the hero to exchange items)
  • Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons! (reward - cash, and learn how to use elemental weapons against various forms of defenses)
  • The Name Game (Sir Hammerlock quest: reward - shotgun / shield)
  • Assassinate the Assassins (reward - pistol)

After exploring Sanctuary, it's time to continue into the next part of the borderlands 2 main storyline - enter the firehawk.


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