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Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk

Updated on September 26, 2012

Borderlands 2 Hunting the Firehawk

In Borderlands 2, the hero vault hunter must hunt the firehawk and find Commander Roland. Commander Roland is needed to lead the hero and the Crimson Raiders to victory against Handsome Jack. It is rumoured that Roland has been captured by the firehawk. The hero must head into the Frostburn Canyon and defeat all sorts of bandit monsters. This will focus mostly on how to use different weapons to defeat the different variety of monsters that live in Frostburn Canyon. It will guide the hero on how to overcome some of the special talents of these monsters and reach the end of the road in finding Firehawk.

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Monsters in Frostburn Canyon

To tackle the monsters in Frostburn Canyon, the vault hunter must first reach Frostburn Canyon. Grab the outrunner and go south past a bridge. At this point, the hero will have the following new weapons and three weapon slots to put them into -

Now these three weapons will be rotated to counter the special defenses and offensives of the monsters. The hero will encounter some new tough monsters in Frostburn Canyon. These include -

  • flaming midgets
  • nomad pyros
  • spiderant knights, soldiers, workers and fire spiderants
  • badass psychos
  • goliaths

All right, the flaming midgets are just more annoying flammable versions of the midgets earlier in the game. Don't let them get too close or they will fry the hero. Just go into deception as they rush towards the hero, and defeat them with deception and melee attacks.

The nomad pyros are difficult. They are the fiery forms of the nomads, and they are incredibly tough to defeat because they have so much health points. In addition, the nomad pyros throw pyro grenades at the hero and can incinerate him with fire. Do not use the suppressive railer to attack the nomad pyros; they will be resistant. Instead, use the kwalal kwalal chinook sniper rifle to take them out from afar. Use headshots if possible.

Spiderants are not that difficult to defeat, but they are tough when they come in a bunch and attack the hero (and the hero's enemies) in all direcions. Use the fiery shotgun on the spiderrants, except for the fire spiderants.

Then there are the badass psychos. These giants are psycho warriors who don goats' masks and wield huge cleavers or axes. They have tough armor and deception melee attacks do almost nothing to them. On the other hand, if the hero gets hit, shield and armor drop massively, and the hero will be so close to defeat. In most cases, the hero will not be able to get the second wind and will perish. There is one way around this. Run! And then turn back and use the fiery shotgun (original splatgun) on the badass psychos repeatedly until they incinerate. And then run away again. And come back and reload the original splatgun on the badass psychos. Keep doing this until the badass psychos are defeated.

Borderlands 2 Goliath

Borderlands 2 Hunting Firehawk takes the hero through Frostburn Canyon - home of some terrible monsters in Pandora.
Borderlands 2 Hunting Firehawk takes the hero through Frostburn Canyon - home of some terrible monsters in Pandora.

Finally there is the most troublesome goliath. As the assassin sniper hero, the key here is to shoot the head of the goliath. Yes! It's a headshot! And then it all goes wrong. The goliath starts growing a small head and becomes the enraged goliath. This super goliath with an incredibly small head is tough, and has almost impregnable armor. There are two ways around this. Either dont hit the head, and just hit the goliath on the body and prevent its transformation. Or if it is too late, then run away and use the suppressive railer on the enraged goliath. Don't let it get too close or suffer the consequences. Use the hit and run approach and defeat the enraged goliath. Remember to use other enemies to distract and weaken the enraged goliath before finishing it off.

Important Strategies to Find Firehawk in the Frostburn Canyon

Apart from the specific tactics for the different enemies above, the other general strategies are to find insta-health and health or ammo vending stations.. Always try to get to the waypoints in each section of the frostburn canyon. Use cover and attack the monsters from far. Look to reload on ammunition.

To find Firehawk in the Frostburn Canyon, the hero needs to follow the bloodspot trails and go from the entrance from the Three Horn Divide to the Frozen Ant area to the Blacktoe Cavern and through the camps into Firehawk's headquarters. It is also possible to speedrun through this area; stealth and deception are important in this aspect.

Eventually, the hero will reach an area with two choices. Go left past the goat's head, avoid the traps and defeat the badass psychos. The hero will find Firehawk beyond this area.


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