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Borderlands 2 Steal the Vault Key

Updated on October 16, 2012

Borderlands 2 Steal the Vault Key

Borderlands 2 Defeat Angelic Guards and Steal and the Vault Key.
Borderlands 2 Defeat Angelic Guards and Steal and the Vault Key.

Borderlands 2 Steal the Vault Key

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter is almost at the end of his mission. He must steal the vault key from the angel control core room and prevent this key from being used to awaken the Warrior. However, several nasty surprises await the hero in the tail end of this mission. The first is that the vault key needs to be powered by a catalyst, and that catalyst is the Siren Angel. Angel asks that she be released from her existence. Doing so will also prevent Handsome Jack from using Angel to power the vault key. This will guide the hero on how to fend off the angelic guards and other loaders in the angel control core room and give him enough time to destroy the eridium injectors and get the vault key.

Defeat the Angelic Guards and Shock Field Generators

The first part of the battle in the control core room is easy – Angel asks the hero to destroy the eridium injectors. The hero duly obliges. However, Handsome Jack raises the shields around the eridium injectors, and summons help to defeat the vault hunter. No surprise that lots of loaders enter the room to attack the hero.

There is a new species of loaders here called the Angelic Guard. These are loaders with the ability to fire off a laser beam that will knock the hero out if the hero does not get out of the way. The other loaders are quite familiar, being the gun loaders, the war loaders and the rpg loaders. The way to defeat all the loaders is to use cover in the angel control room. To create enough cover in the angel control room, the hero has destroy the shock field generators around the room.

The shock field generators are structures produced by Handsome Jack to launch bolts of electricity at the hero as he is fighting the loaders. Naturally, this will deplete the hero's shields and health very rapidly. Use shotgun to eliminate these stationary structures and then use them as cover to attack the loaders.

Roland and Lilith the Firehawk Join the Fight

There will be several rounds of loader fights and action here. At first, the hero will be alone against the loaders and the shock field electrical generators. Later on, the hero is joined by Roland. As each wave of loaders die off, Roland will have the chance to go up to the Angel control core balcony and deactivate the shields around the eridium injectors. When this is done, shoot at the eridium injectors to destroy them. Roland has a special shield which he can throw around the room. This shield not only protects the hero; it also increases his health. Use it wisely.

Lilith the Firehawk joins the fight towards the end of this mission, when Roland says that he cannot get to the third eirdium shield generator. Lilith teleports him there and then teleports back to the room to continue in the fight against the loaders. Eventually, Roland manages to deactivate the final eiridum shield generator. Destroy the final eridium injector shield and watch as Angel plummets to her demise.

Just as Roland and Lilith are implementing the next stage of the fight against Handsome Jack,. Jack pops up stealthily behind Roland and shoots him. Lilith attacks Jack, but is subdued instead. Jack commands Lilith to eliminate the vault hunter. Instead, Lilith teleports the vault hunter to Sanctuary.

On arrival back at Sanctuary, loot the treasure vault and then come out of the area to speak to Mordecai to discuss plans on how to rescue Lilith and defeat Handsome Jack.


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