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Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble

Updated on February 8, 2014

Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble Mission

In Borderlands 2, the toil and trouble mission sees Mordecai and Brick take over command of Sanctuary due to the demise of Roland and the capture of Firehawk by Handsome Jack. Mordecai tasks the hero to find the location of Firehawk. To do this, he needs the hero to get to the Info Stockade at Arid Nexus. Arid Nexus is located within Eridium Blight. However, the bridge to Info Stockade is incomplete, part of the bridge having been taken off by Handsome Jack. This will guide the hero on how to get to Arid Nexus, and then to Sawtooth Cauldron. In Sawtooth Cauldron, the hero must know how to get to the elevator, and then get Mortar to come down via the elevator to meet with the hero at Smoking Guano Grotto.

Get to Info Stockade at Arid Nexus

First use Sanctuary fast travel to get to the Dust. Get a vehicle and drive to Eridium Blight. From Eiridum Blight, follow the directions on the map and get to the Info Stockade at Arid Nexus.

However, the way to the Info Stockade is blocked by Jack. Brick asks the hero to go to Sawtooth Cauldron to get explosives to unblock the way to the Info Stockage.

Enter Smoking Guano Grotto in the Sawtooth Cauldron

Use the map to drive the vehicle to the entrance of Sawtooth Cauldron in Eridium Blight. On going into Sawtooth Cauldron, Brick tells the hero the history of Sawtooth Cauldron and tells him to enter Smoking Guano Grotto.

Smoking Guano Grotto is actually located well below where the hero entered Sawtooth Cauldron. This may be a very difficult part of the main story especially if the hero is 2 or 3 levels below the recommended level for this mission. The solution here may be hit and run tactics. So before going into Sawtooth Cauldron, look at the minimap and the rhombus waypoint. Then run for the waypoint, taking out selected enemies as appropriate.

When the hero is actually on the rhombus waypoint, and there is no entrance to go into, this means the hero needs to descend a few levels down to the entrance of Smoking Guano Grotto. Look down and see three teeth sticking out of the wall. Jump down one level at a time to this structure. The hero will see the entrance and can enter Smoking Guano Grotto.

Smoking Guano Grotto can be described as “hell”. The whole place is full of enemies and the hero is being shot at from all directions. The hero can use various tactics here -

  • from the entrance to Smoking Guano Grotto, use cover at the entrance and advance slowly to the next point and finally to the elevator. At each point or cover, take out the enemies one batch at a time.
  • bypass some of the enemies and make a rapid mad dash for the elevator. Note that the elevator will not work at this point, and the hero has to defeat the four ambush commanders to continue in the next part of the mission. However, the elevator can be used as a cover area for defeating the commanders and the hordes of Sawtooth bandits in this area.
  • When the hero spots goliaths in the area, shoot at them and create enraged goliaths; these will help attack just about anybody and increase the odds of the hero winning.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Ambush Commanders At Smoking Guano Grotto

Borderlands 2 Defeat Ambush Commanders At Smoking Guano Grotto in Toil and Trouble Mission.
Borderlands 2 Defeat Ambush Commanders At Smoking Guano Grotto in Toil and Trouble Mission.

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Ambush Commanders and Mortar

To get to the explosives, the hero must make Mortar come down in the elevator. First the hero must take care of the four ambush commanders. The ambush commanders are equipped with shields which they can use to ram the hero. For the hero assassin, go into deception stealth mode and use headshots at the ambush commanders when their backs are turned chasing after the decoys. Grenades are a very effective way of reducing the enormous amounts of health of these monsters.

When the ambush commanders are defeated, Mortar will not come down in the elevator. Instead the hero must run out and uncover Doombringer, Mortar's buzzard. Ignore the rest of the Sawtooth bandits shooting at the the hero and just destroy Doombringer. When Doombringer is destroyed, the enraged Mortar will come down and engage the hero. Run back to the elevator and defeat Mortar. Then head up the elevator and ascend Inferno Tower.


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