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Borderlands 2 the Road to Sanctuary

Updated on September 24, 2012

Borderlands 2 the Road to Sanctuary

n Borderlands 2, the Road to Sanctuary quest involves finding Corporal Reiss and then retrieving the power core to open the gates of Sanctuary. Only then can the hero enter Sanctuary and meet Roland the commander. This will guide the hero on how to find Corporal Reiss, how to defeat the monsters on route to locating Reiss and then infiltrating the Bloodshot camp to get the power core.

Borderlands 2 Find Corporal Reiss

Borderlands 2 Finding Corporal Reiss passes through more bullymongs.
Borderlands 2 Finding Corporal Reiss passes through more bullymongs.

Find Corporal Reiss

Corporal Reiss has failed to report back to Sanctuary. Commander Roland of the Crimson Raiders has asked the hero to find Reiss. Turn back from the gates of Sanctuary, and find an area with health, ammo, weapons and vehicle vending machines. There is also a Three Horns Divide fast travel point here. This is the point where the hero can get back to (if needed) to grab some much needed ammo and insta-health.

Follow the rhombus sign on the minimap and locate the ruins of Reiss' vehicle somewhere not far from the fast travel point. Bullymongs, bullymong stingers and monglets block the way to Reiss' damaged vehicle. Defeat them and look around for Reiss' echo recorder. Learn that he has been attacked and taken somewhere further from here. Jump back into the vehicle and continue finding Reiss.

The hero will have to stop the vehicle outside a natural gate blocked by some teeth on the ground. Climb down and get past the teeth. The hero will have to defeat some bullymongs on foot and then climb up the slope on the left to find Reiss. Reiss is under attack by some suicide psychos. Use deception action skill and a combination of melee attacks and ranged weapons attacks to defeat them. Talk to Reiss and learn that the power core has been taken from him. The power core must be retrieved.

It may be necessary for the hero to go back to the fast travel point to reload ammo and restore health before heading into the bloodshot camp to get the power core.

Get the Power Core

The power core is on one of the psychos for this particular vault hunter. Follow the minimap and go through an opening bordered by two red pillars. The hero has entered the bloodshot camp. The tactics here is really simple. Hide behind cover, and use sniper weapons to take out as many bloodshots as possible. If one of the psychos starts rampaging up to the hero, go into deception mode and use melee attacks to defeat the psychos from behind.

Clear the camp of bloodshots and get the hero's tally of bloodshots to 20 out of 20, and then head out of the camp triumphantly with the power core.

Return to the gates of Sanctuary and place the power core in the machine. Prepare to formally enter Sanctuary.


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