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Buying The Best Gaming Headset

Updated on October 10, 2013

The Best Gaming Headsets Online

If your an avid gamer like myself, then it would be fair to say that you too love being completely indulged in the action and being a part of the game. In order to achieve the ultimate gaming experience one must look long and hard to find the best gaming headset that suits your needs. Without a buying guide (like this one) it's easy to be misled and end up more confused then when you first started your search.

Finding the best gaming headset can sometimes be a rigorous task. Comparing this with that: wireless or corded, stereo or surround sound, PS3/Xbox or PC and so on. It can be overwhelming to say the least especially when your led to a DUD of a headset.

Displayed on this page are some of top rated gaming headsets that are simply awesome. Even if I do say so myself. Including the best gaming headsets under $50 and the best gaming headsets under $100. But if you're in a hurry and need to get where you want to go ASAP then simply clink on the appropriate link below to take you to the cool headsets in that category.

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The Best Gaming Headset Poll

What Price Range Is Your Gaming Headset?

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Gaming Headset Review Of The Month

Each and every month one Gaming Headset gets the privilege of being twisted inside and out to bring you all the noise you can handle. Check out this Months Headset for April:


This powerful PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming headset (Black Ops 2 version) as you know is wireless. How long does the battery last you ask. According to the manufacturer Turtle Beach.

The Best Gaming Headsets Under $50! - Gaming Headsets On A Budget

Below you will find some of the best gaming headsets under $50 that are durable and are great buys for their price tag. But keep in mind that they are fairly cheap gaming headsets in the scheme of things. If you have any experience with gaming headsets, you will know how much the quality dramatically increases when the price tag goes up.

Around $100 is usually a starting point for the more experienced headset wearing gamer. But we all start somewhere and its usually on a quality cheaper model of a headset. Nothing wrong with this at all, because when you can eventually afford to upgrade. That noticeable difference in quality is just amplified by even more.

Plantronics GameCom 380 - The BEST Gaming Headset Under $50

This Gaming Headset is strictly for PC use only

Plantronics GameCom 380 Gaming Stereo Headset - Compatible with PC
Plantronics GameCom 380 Gaming Stereo Headset - Compatible with PC
When it comes to the best gaming headset for your PC, the Plantronics GameCom 380 would have to be my personal favorite. For its price it makes for a top notch gaming headset. This headset isn't a USB headset but you can purchase a Adapter to convert to USB. What I love the most about Plantronics GameCom 380 headset would be how comfortable it is. Besides being lightweight the headset is fully enclosed and not made out of plastic. The ear covers are padded and have a velvet like feel. Secondly this headset actually works for blocking out background noise, which is particularly handy for online game play. The Plantronics GameCom 380 headset fit most of my criteria in finding the best gaming headset. They are my headset of choice when it comes to my PC. They are fairly decent stereo sound and produce some deep base. I tend to watch many movies and listen to music all the time on my PC. So it is fairly important to me that the gaming headset can also produce great sound quality. Which they did and passed my initial expectations of the headset. For the price they are hard to beat. Recommended for casual gamers and movie lovers.

Buy Plantronics Headsets On Amazon - Plantronics Headsets Deliver Superior Sound

See what other GameCon Gaming Headsets are ready for your disposal from the highly rated and best selling Plantronics. Need I say more?.

Plantronics Gaming Tournament Headset for PC (GAMECOM Commander)
Plantronics Gaming Tournament Headset for PC (GAMECOM Commander)
The TOP of the line Plantronics Gaming Headset. Not for the faint hearted. This 7.1 Dolby surround sound headset can switch between PC to smartphone and any other mobile device with the flick of a switch. This is just a cool feature and where it begins to shine is how well it is suited to game play.

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha USB Gaming Headset

USB and Analog connections included

PS3 Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset

USB Connectivity For PC And PlayStation 3

Turtle Beach - Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset - PS3 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Turtle Beach - Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset - PS3 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
If your like me and are an avid PS3 gamer to coincide with your ultimate PC gaming, then this headset is for you. I personally use the Ear Force P11 only for my PS3 as its just easier having them set up to maximize my PS3 gaming experience. Please note that these headsets work both for the PC and PS3 ,but are not compatible with the X Box 360. For the ultimate gaming headset that can be used on the PC, PS3 and 360 check out the PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headset. Why do I prefer the Ear Force P11 for my PS3?. Well for me its simple. The 12 foot cable gives me more flexibility compared to playing on my PC, as 12 foot is not really required. The 50mm diameter speakers work well for me and just suit me and my PS3 to the ground. Normally for this price you would expect 40mm speakers. But the P11 really delivers for value and power with the 50mm amplified stereo speakers. Besides the longevity of game play and comfort that you will get out of the P11 headset, you will notice a cool little hidden gem. Its the microphone monitor feature. This feature lets you know how loud you are talking in order to create natural talking conversation volume levels. So you dont appear to be yelling when your simply talking normal.

Compatible PlayStation3 Gaming Headsets

Replace That Stingy PS3 Bluetooth Ear Piece With One Of These Bad Boys

The site below has all the compatible PlayStation3 headsets that will simply rock your world. One will probably not realize how many cool headsets there actually are for the mighty PS3. So check them out now and optimize your PS3 gaming. Clicking on the image will take you straight to the PlayStation3 category. Your search ends now.

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset

X Box 360 And PC. USB Connectivity

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Under 100 Bucks!

Cordless Headsets For Gaming Under $100

What is the best wireless Gaming Headset under 100 Bucks?. Well for me that's an easy answer, but for you it may be a different opinion due to personal experience or specific needs such as: First off you might need only a wireless gaming headset for PC use only, or perhaps you desire a PS3 wireless headset. Xbox 360 wireless headset under $100 naturally as well, but then again maybe you want a wireless universal gaming headset. A headset that is compatible with all the gaming devices.

Things to remember about wireless tho is that you will need to make sure that your wireless connection doesn't have too much interference from other wireless sources such as monitors and phones because it can be the cause of drop outs and bad connection. But like I said it all depends on your surroundings and devices. The majority of people that have wireless headsets don't have any connection issues at all, but it's just something to be aware off. Plus the beauty about most wireless gaming headsets is that they can also be wired while charging. So essentially you're good to game no matter what happens. *Xbox 360 gamers are advised to check out the Best Xbox 360 Headset below for advanced wireless technology.

Wireless PC Gaming Headset - BEST Wireless Gaming Headset PC

Wireless PC Gaming Headset Only

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound, Wireless Headphones with Microphone
Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound, Wireless Headphones with Microphone
The wireless Logitech G930 Gaming Headset has been one of the Best Wireless PC Gaming Headsets in my opinion for quite some time now. Price wise it has recently dropped from original $200 to under the $100 category which is excellent news for potential buyers. Some important things to note about the Logitech G930. 40 Feet of wireless connection. If you don't know how far that is count your footsteps from your PC to the kitchen or toilet and if its under 40 feet your good to go. No seriously 40 feet will cover you for wireless connection throughout the normal house and out to the front road. On general feedback the average battery life of the G930 is between 8-10 hours with some gamers claiming they have achieved a full 24 hour session out of these headsets before needing to recharge the headset. Additional features that you might like is the voice morphing feature. Make your voice sound like some weird and whacky characters when talking through the noise cancelling mic. (Blocks out background noise)  

PS3 Wireless stereo headset Pulse Elite Edition - Gaming Headset For PS3 Under $100


Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset

The best wireless PS3 gaming headset has to go to the official PlayStation 3 Pulse elite edition. Although it is a little above $100, I believe it is money well spent. Further down the page you will find a comparison review between this headset and the previous official PS3 headset.


do I suggest the PS3 Pulse Elite Gaming Headset. Well simply because it

can be frustrating trying to get other headsets to work with the PS3.

Although you can get other headsets that will work for both Xbox &

PS3, if your only after a good quality PS3 gaming headset then the Elite

Edition is what I recommend, After all it is a brilliant gaming headset

so you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

>>SAVE 14% On PS3 Elite Edition Gaming Headset<<

The Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

What Is The Best Gaming Headset For Under $100

Ready to take the next step? Take your gaming to the next level. Smash the opposition and get your unfair advantage here with the best gaming headsets under $100.

Spending this amount of cash on a gaming headset may seem a little out there. But obviously with the price tag comes a massive improvement in quality and features that can give you the gaming edge. Not too mention longevity which every gamer desires, In this price category you will notice more Surround sound and wireless headsets available for 2013. So choose wisely and click on the headset of choice for more detailed information for your viewing pleasure.

Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset - Plantronics Headsets Deliver Superior Sound

PC, Windows, USB.

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size USB Gaming Headset with Virtual Surround 7.1 Sound - SteelSeries Siberia V2

PC - Analog And USB

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size USB Gaming Headset with Virtual Surround 7.1 Sound (Black)
SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size USB Gaming Headset with Virtual Surround 7.1 Sound (Black)
The gaming headset used by the pro gamers. The steel series have made a solid name for themselves being a leader in gaming headsets. If you have heard of the Steel Series Siberia V2 already and wondering how is this headset any different. Well the answer is pretty simple. This headset includes a sound card that the standard Siberia V2 doesn't. That is the virtual surround 7.1 sound card with the USB cord included in the price. Which is about $40 on its own. This model is only available in black. But just look at this monster. Would you want anything but black. It oozes style and class. The Siberia V2 Gaming headset is simply awesome. The sound quality just blows me away. For the price it is with the USB 7.1 surround included, it really is hard to knock this headset back. Besides the great value and awesome sound quality. The headset has a retractable microphone for those of us who do take our lives out and about, and perhaps feel it unnecessary for the mic to showing at all times. It does seem awkward at times I must admit. The Leather padded ear cups do a remarkable job at blocking out external noise which make it so much easier to concentrate and focus on your mission at hand. Its so annoying when those external noises still creep in. Overall the Steel Series Siberia V2 is a top quality headset, but I don't just recommend this headset only for gamers. The beauty that is this headset should be shared with all. Gamers or not!

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Colors - Not USB Headset Version

The Steel Series come in a variety of top notch colors. Here's just a few of my personal favorite pimped out headsets.

The Best Gaming Headset Under $100 For PS3, X Box, PC & Mac. - Buy Turtle Beach PX21 and see for yourself!

PC/MAC, PS3 And X Box. USB

PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headset
PS3 Ear Force PX21 Gaming Headset
The PS3 Ear Force PX21 or Turtle Beach PX21 as its also known was built with the avid gamer in mind. These headset cover the 3 major gaming platforms going around. The Turtle Beach PX21 are compatible with the PlayStation3, X Box 360 and the PC or MAC. So if you are privileged enough to own these consoles then this is the best gaming headset that you have been dreaming of. The Turtle Beach X21 is a comfortable fit for endless hours of gaming. The long cord makes for a bit of freedom and movement. The cord length is more then sufficient, used with my 51 inch TV I sit where I normally would and still there is ample of cord. The stereo sound for general use is pretty standard but when amplified for gaming it blows you away. Again while playing COD you hear the smallest things from far far away that you normally wouldn't hear. Not only hear them but you know which direction the noise came from, giving you the unfair advantage!. What also give you the gaming advantage from these headsets is the ability to control both volumes. You get complete control over the mic volume and game volume with separate buttons. With the click of a button you can mute the mic whenever you like and continue to hear the game. The Turtle Beach PX21 are recommended for the multiple console gamer. If your looking to Buy Turtle Beach PX21, Amazon offers free Shipping.*

Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset - The Best Razer Headset

PC Game play - Analog with USB Adapter available

Razer Carcharias Over Ear PC Gaming Headset
Razer Carcharias Over Ear PC Gaming Headset
In the mid range price, the Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset is a pretty good buy. A step up from the $50 Gaming headsets but not in the same ball park as the big boys who hover around the $100+ mark. So if your looking for something extra special but not willing to pay over $100 then the Razer Carcharias is definitely a headset you should consider. What I quiet like about this Razer Headset is how comfortable these ear warmers are. Many headsets may seem pretty decent at first, comfort wise. But you really got to give them a good gaming or movie session to push them to the max. The Razer Carcharias get a big tick in the comfort box for me. For initial comfort and longevity of game play. They fit over your head nicely and totally submerge your ears into pure comfort. The 40mm Stereo speakers pump out some real deep bass which works together with the treble to create a great mix for both gaming and music lovers. Its not overwhelming and seems to work nicely for your ears. The headset comes complete ready to plug in and go nuts. The noise filtering microphone works pretty good, but overall the mic does its job and isn't the stand out for this headset. It's the overall package and price that makes the Razer Carcharias one of the best gaming headsets under $100. You can find the USB Stereo Audio Adapter here.

The PS3 Wireless Headset - PlayStation 3 Official Wireless Stereo Headset

PlayStation 3 And PC, wireless USB

Wireless Stereo Headset - Playstation 3
Wireless Stereo Headset - Playstation 3
If your a collector of official PlayStation 3 accessories as I am, then your collection wont be complete without the official gaming headset. The beauty of it being an official PlayStation 3 headset is that is extremely simple to use. Never has plug and play been simpler. Ok I admit that the PlayStation 3 Official Wireless Stereo Headset does look rather ridiculous, but that's just my opinion. But looks aside the headset has some awesome attributes. I cant believe how comfortable these headsets really are. Many of times I have totally forgotten they were on my head. Simply assuming the TV was just up too loud. So the PlayStation 3 headset boasts the 7.1 virtual surround sound. This is great for fans of the PS3, but I would consider another gaming headset if you intend on PC gaming. Having said this the headset's microphone works rather well, crystal clear chat is a awesome bonus. Wireless! A great gaming headset for under $100 and its WIRELESS. That's impressive. No wires to mess around with and built in rechargeable batteries in the headset. The batteries took about 2 hours to fully charge and I got about 7 to 8 hours of game play out of them. Not bad, so just treat them as another PS3 controller and you will be fine. On a side note if you are thinking of buying the PS3 headset, I would recommend Amazon. The headset may be $5 or $10 cheaper somewhere else. But is the other site a reputable company like Amazon?. Amazon has such a great reputation with how they handle the returns and refund policy. Its worth that extra bit of security if you ask me.

Recommended Gaming Headset Reviews

More Of The Best Gaming Headsets

For More In-Depth Gaming Headset Reviews check out the below Gaming Headsets!.

What Is The Best Gaming Headset For Under $100

I've been asked many of times What Is The Best Gaming Headset For Under $100 for a gamer like myself?. So after giving my recommendation so many times, I dec...

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound Review

The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound makes for a great gaming experience all round. What's even better is that you can now save $...

Sennheiser PC 360 Headset For Pro Gaming

The Sennheiser PC 360 Headset For Pro Gaming is without a doubt one of the leading gaming headsets on the market (if not the leader), but how does it compare...

What Do I Look For In A Gaming Headset?

The Best Gaming Headset, What are its distinguishing Features. Surround Sound, Is it a must? Reputable Brand Name. Size and comfort matters to most of us. USB Connectivity.What are the Technical Specifications? Have you read the latest review?. Check it out now! 7.1 Dolby Surround sound Interference free Communicate online PlayStation 3, PC Xbox 360, Gaming Under $50 Knock out Sound, Clear sound The Best Gaming Headset under $100 Volume control. Gaming Headsets FTW.

When it comes to choosing the best gaming headset for myself, i take into account many factors. Depending on what I plan on using the headset for, these factors to consider will be varied accordingly to the purpose of the headset. So keep this in mind when looking for your perfect headset. Remember with the best gaming headset your sure to improve your gaming ability. Be one step ahead of your enemies!

What I look for in a Gaming Headset include:

  • Has it got 7.1 Surround Sound or Stereo? Noise cancelling microphone? Retractable Microphone? Crisp clear sound is critical for a gaming headset. Having that Superior edge over other gamers will no doubt improve your gaming. Hearing your enemies sneaking up behind you is essential to being a dominant force.

  • Can the headset be used with my PS3 or Xbox 360 as well as my PC.
  • Does the headset need to wireless?. While wireless is great, it also has its cons too. Battery life, Wireless range..

  • Is the headset comfortable on your ears/head. Nothing worse then constantly trying to adjust the headset to fit comfortably over your ears. Then eventually decide that it just wont fit comfortably. So read some reviews and see if you can establish a common vibe on the headset.
  • Ease of use. Are the volume and mute buttons easy to find and use. Are they located so that when you adjust the volume it wont interfere with game play.
  • Brand names reputation.
  • Is it the latest model?. For this I mean, I like to compare a model to its newer version to figure out if its worthwhile getting the newer version or buying the older version for cheaper.
  • Read reviews, negative reviews also. But don't be put off by some negative reviews, unless it is a frequent occurrence. For example, if someone complained that their headset broke after 8 months or so. This might have been a one off, so I read more reviews to see if it is a common problem.
  • Design And Appearance. Although this isn't a major factor for me as long as the other factors are top notch. But if it does look stylish and cool. Then that would be considered a bonus for me.
  • Price. Its important to not just look for the cheapest headset. You will want a headset that can do the time. Not something that will break down after a week.
  • Warranty. Does the headset include any sort of warranty.
  • Take shipping fees into account and keep an eye out for free shipping.

View My


What's Your Favorite Gaming Headset? Me personally I am a loyal fan of The X-RAY By Turtle Beach


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