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Best Selection Capodimonte Porcelain Figurines Vases Lamps Lowest Prices

Updated on June 26, 2013
Capodimonte Porcelain lamps
Capodimonte Porcelain lamps

Capodimonte Porcelain - The Style

Capodimonte Porcelain is a style of porcelain and fine ceramic figurines, lamps, and vases that originated in the Capo di Monte region of early 18th century Naples. But the serious antique Capodimonte collector already knows its history, and how to determine authenticity. What they want are the best selections and prices. That's what you will find here.

(ps. if you are looking for the history, here's a good link for: The History and Makers Marks of Capodimonte Porcelain)

Capodimonte Porcelain Lamps Buyer's Guide

Like all antique and collectible porcelain collections, Capodimonte ceramics and porcelains are generally divided into four main categories; figurines, vases, jewelry boxes, and lamps. Capo di Monte lamps are usually newer collection pieces than figurines or vases.

This buyer's guide will focus on lamps, but these other guides for antique porcelain pieces are also available:

Decorating with Capodimonte Porcelain lamps

Finding Capodimonte Porcelain lamps in matching pairs can sometimes be a lot harder than finding an individual piece.

The listings below will save your time and effort by taking you directly to matched pair lamps to speed up your decorating process.

You can choose from large or small, footed or on a base, and several antique designs.

ebay Buyer protection Plan
ebay Buyer protection Plan | Source

A Note About the New ebay

Today's ebay is not the "fleamarket" of its early years. In its quest to become the largest and most trusted online market place, ebay has instituted many new programs designed to quarantee the buyer that:

  1. Your purchase is fully guaranteed
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Just look for the "Top-Rated Seller" icon by any listing and you will know you are buying from a respected vendor.

Why You Should Check-out ebay First

Think about it - every site selling Capo di Monte porcelain is doing so to make a profit, of course, but then you have to surf the web checking to make sure you are getting the best price. Not on ebay!

On ebay the Capodimonte sellers are all in one place competing for your sale, and in most cases it is you the buyer who is setting the price that you are willing to pay. Never pay too much again. Check ebay's prices first! Then decide.

Don't Lose That Great Deal!

Remember, even though you are dealing with reputable established vendors, some of the super-bargains you find might be one-time deals that may not be there the next time you look.

So... If you find a great bargain - make a decision!

Search bar at the Top of Page

Quick Tip: When you click any link here - there will be a search bar at the top of the page for you to refine your search to a specific piece.

Don't want to wait for an auction - just look for Capodimonte porcelain listings with a "Buy-it-Now" logo and you can make an immediate purchase with just one click! No waiting for an auction to end!

But... everyone else can do this too - so don't lose that deal you found to a "quicker-clicker" while you 'think about it"

Victorian Design Capodimonte Lamps

There are many styles of Capo di Monte porcelain, but Victorian designs are usually the first thought of when Capodimonte ceramics or porcelains are mentioned.

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GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals on Hubpages
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals on Hubpages

About the Author

Appletreedeals is the eCommerce ID for G.A. Anderson

You can see more of his articles and Buyer's Guides on Hubpages.

Capo di monte porcelain and ceramic lamps and figurines
Capo di monte porcelain and ceramic lamps and figurines

Capodimonte Italian Porcelain Lamps and Figurines

Capodimonte Italian Porcelain Lamps, vases, and Figurines are just part of a huge collector's market for antigue porcelain and ceramics. Standing for a region and style of design Capo di Monte porcelain was some of the finest porcelain made in Europe in the early 1700's. porcelain Figurines and ceramic vases were the focus for early Capodimonte pieces, but it wasn't long before oil hurricane and globe lamps became a desirable fashion statement for status concious homes. Victorian gentlemen and ladies, cherubs, angels, and flowers were some of the most popular designs.

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