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Complete Balmorra Bonus Series

Updated on December 28, 2011

SWTOR Complete Balmorra Bonus Series

In SWTOR, the empire faction romance with Darth Lachris continues with the Balmorra Bonus Series. The Balmorra Bonus Series requires the empire hero to complete four tasks with four different commanders of the Empire, namely Captain Neuwt, Colonel Teeg, Commander Moriden and Lieutenant Heln. This will guide the hero to complete these four tasks and includes telling the hero how to get to the Bugtown Outpost Skyhopper for the Colicoid Feast quest to deposit the poisoned body parts. The rewards of the SWTOR Balmorra Bonus Series will also be revealed.

SWTOR Get to Bugtown Outpost Skyhopper and Complete Colicoid Feast

In SWTOR, the Balmorra Bonus Series quest is triggered by talking to Captain Laverse at the Sobrik Spaceport. Captain Laverse requires the hero to travel to the Markaran Plains to the southwest of Sobrik Spaceport to talk to Colonel Proshen and the four empire commanders and finish their tasks to further weaken the resistance forces on Balmorra.

In SWTOR Complete Colicoid Feast for Captain Neuwt, the hero must travel from Vanguard Outpost Skyhopper to Bugtown Outpost Skyhopper. From the Vanguard Outpost Skyhopper, just hop onto the skyhopper and get to Bugtown Outpost Skyhopper. Then move northwest towards the direction of the colicoids. The hero will have in his inventory some poisoned parts. The hero must deposit the poisoned meat into the central green crater within each large crater in this colicoid infested area. When this happens, colicoids will emerge to attack the hero. Defeat the colicoids, and repeat this four times and the complete colicoid feast will be completed. Return to Captain Neuwt for your reward.

SWTOR Complete The Guns of Traken 4 Quest

In SWTOR Balmorra Bonus Series, the Guns of Traken 4 quest is obtained from Colonel Teeg. Colonel Teeg requires the hero to go to the Markaran wastes to disable the gun turrets theta and alpha. For the sith assassin, this quest is really easy. Simply sneak to the Markaran wastes and beyond and spot two giant gun turrets pointing into the sky. Now round to the back of the guns and spot an area where the sith assassin can jump over the fence and directly access the panel at the back of the gun turrets without alerting the guards. Deactivate this and quickly run away in stealth mode before the alarm is raised. Do this for the two gun turrets theta and alpha and this quest can be completed without any bloodshed. However, if the hero is not a sith assassin or if the hero yearns a fight, then there is plenty of action for the hero to complete the Guns of Traken 4 quest.

SWTOR Complete Flight Plan Quest

In SWTOR, the Flight Plan quest is part of the Balmorra Bonus series of quests. The flight plan quest involves the hero picking up the quest from Commander Moriden. Then the hero has to disable four AA guns scattered around the Markaran Plains. To disable these four AA guns, the hero has to defeat some resistance fighters scattered around the Markaran Plains and also within the office of the AA gun controls. Once these four AA guns are disabled, the hero is tasked with defeating the Sivron Flight Officer. Report to Commander Moriden with news of the defeat of the Sivron Flight Officer and be rewarded with this part of the Balmora Bonus quest.

SWTOR Complete Downed Pilots Quest

In SWTOR, the downed pilots quest is part of the Balmorra Bonus series of quests. Get the downed pilots quest from Lieutenant Heln. Use the map to identify the location of Lieutenant Heln. Now head past Lieutenant Heln and attempt to rescue the downed pilots by defeating more resistance fighters. Rescue all the pilots and return to Lieutenant Heln for the reward for this part of the Balmorra Bonus series quest.

SWTOR Rendevous with Darth Lachris

In SWTOR, once the four parts of the Balmorra Bonus series of quests have been completed, report to Captain Laverse at Sobrik Spaceport. Predictably, Darth Lachris takes this opportunity to make her appearance, congratulating the hero for dealing crippling blows to the resistance movement on Balmorra. Darth Lachris then dismisses Captain Laverse. The hero should flirt with Darth Lachris at this point to rekindle the romance with Darth Lachris. Darth Lachris will reward the hero appropriately, and then further rewards the hero with the Saber Marshall's Leg Wrappings (if the hero is a sith inquisitor). The Saber Marshall's Leg Wrappings is an upgradable piece of armor.

This completes the SWTOR Balmorra Bonus Series quests. However, there is no doubt that Darth Lachris will make a further appearance at some point in the hero's life........


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