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SWTOR Become A Sith Assassin

Updated on December 31, 2011

SWTOR Become A Sith Assassin

In SWTOR, taking on the sith inquisitor class is only the beginning. At level 10, the sith inquisitor has the chance to become a sith assassin. The Sith Inquisitor must think very carefully at this stage whether to become a sith assassin because there is no going back, save for starting another sith inquisitor character. This will guide the sith inquisitor in deciding if it is more worthwhile becoming a sith assassin or a sith sorceror, and highlight the more useful abilities and skills (within the sith assassin skill tree) that make the sith assassin specialization class perhaps more enjoyable and quest oriented compared to the rest of the specialization classes.

SWTOR Finding Lord Krillis to Become A Sith Assassin

In SWTOR sith inquisitor class, Lord Krillis holds the key to specialize into the Sith Assassin or the Sith Sorceror. Most players will be very eager to specialize at level 10, and so will actively seek out Lord Krillis. The location of Lord Krillis is either at the entrance into the Imperial shuttle fleet area (after leaving Korriban) or just outside Darth Skotia's chambers in the Sith Academy on Planet Dromund Kaas. Lord Krillis will ask the sith inquisitor to seek out Overseer Kryos, and warn the sith inquisitor that choosing one of the two sith inquisitor specialization paths is permanent. So careful consideration is required, especially for a fast paced MMORPG like Star Wars the Old Republic.

SWTOR Sith Assassin Stealth Ability

In SWTOR, one of the main features of the SWTOR game is the number of mobs in between the start point of any quest and the end point of the quest (likely to be a boss NPC of some sort). If the sith inquisitor's level is not too high, then it would be difficult to defeat all these mobs or monsters in between without first dying at some stage. Dying is inconvenient in that it will reduce the character's armor durability (needs lots of credits to repair when the character does perish) and also game (and real) time to revive. The Sith Assassin can bypass most of the mobs and go for the jugular by using the Stealth Ability. This is a very useful ability to use for the stealthy character. An excellent example is infiltrating Darth Skotia's bunker. However, it does slow down the movement speed of the Sith Assassin.

SWTOR Sith Assassin Backstab Maul

SWTOR Sith Assassin Backstab Maul - at least 300 plus damage
SWTOR Sith Assassin Backstab Maul - at least 300 plus damage

SWTOR Sith Assassin Maul Ability

In SWTOR Sith Assassin class, the Maul ability is one of the closest ability to the backstab favourites of other rpgs. The Maul Ability allows the Sith Assassin to move to the back of any mob and backstab with the double-bladed lightsaber (much like the Darth Maul fight scenes at the end of the Phantom Menace). This Maul strike deals about 300 - 400 plus damage at level 10. To further increase the Maul ability damage, go to the Sith Assassin Skill Tree and upgrade the Duplicity Skill to its maximum (3 points out of 3), so that there is a chance the Maul ability will bypass armor and deal more damage. The Maul ability is suitable for the sith assassin especially for elite (and higher level) bosses because the boss NPC can attack the sith inquisitor's companion, leaving his back exposed to the Sith Assassin.........

SWTOR Sith Assassin Discharge Ability

In SWTOR Sith Assassin, the Discharge Ability is another sith assassin ability picked up early on in the sith assassin specialization class. This allows the double-bladed lightsaber to deal a certain amount of charged damage over a certain period of time. The nature of the charges will further determine the area effect or the quantity of damaging effect of the discharge ability. As the sith assassin progresses, these early abilities may become less useful. However, at that point, it would be rather futile to try to change the specialization class. Also, the sith assassin stealth ability is almost always useful in most settings. Hence becoming a sith assassin would appear to be the more enjoyable path for the sith inquisitor.


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