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Buying a Monster High Create-a-Monster Doll Set? Read this First!

Updated on December 14, 2015

Create Your Own Monster High Doll

The Monster High Create-A-Monster kit is a fun creative project suitable for children or anyone who ever wanted to create their own doll.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a Create-A-Monster package is to read the label because there are two product lines under this title - the Starter Pack and the Add on packs. You will definitely want to make sure you buy one of the six starter kits because you will need the doll torso that comes with the doll kit. These include the Create-a-Monster Dragon/ Werewolf starter pack, the Vampire/ Sea Monster starter kit, the Cat/ Witch girl, Gargoyle/ Vampire boy set, Ice Girl/ Blob doll kit and the Mummy/ Gorgon Monster High starter kit. . The add-on packs have different lower limb choices, head and outfit but lack the crucial torso.

Monster High Create-a-Monster kits are easy to assemble. Just push the joints together and assembly it quick. What is harder is to decide what you want your doll to look like. Kids will have fun trying out different combinations, wardrobe choices, and hair styles. Add on packs will give your doll creator even more options when designing their doll which are about half the price of the starter kit.

The Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab is now available in store. You can add decals to your doll giving your further customization opportunities.

Excited about building your own Monster High doll? Click Create-a-Monster High Doll to purchase your starter kits and add on packs.

Looking for more Monster High Create-a-Monster product information? Scroll down to see pictures of the creation process, my completed doll - Piper Dragon - and complete details of what comes in every Monster High Create-a-Monster doll kit.

Photo: My Monster High Dragon/ Werewolf Starter Kit

2013 Color Me Creepy Lab

New Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab - Customize your own doll

Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab
Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab

Apply different skins to create your unique Monster High fashion doll with the latest addition to the Create-a-Monster family: Monster High Create-a-Monster Design Lab. The design lab comes with the lab, doll head, torso, limbs, wig, dress, hair brush, and transferable skins.


Monster High Create a Monster

Starter Pack Wave 2 Case

New Monster High Create-a-Monster Starter Packs are on the horizon. There will be the blob/ice girl starter pack and the mummy/gorgon starter pack. Starter pack are for girls dolls and each package includes 2 head, 2 torsos, 4 lower arm, 4 upper arms, 4 lower legs, 4 thighs, 2 fashions, and 1 pair of shoes. One hair wig along with one plastic hair piece will be included in each of the new starter packs.

Case will feature 4 Starter Packs

Price: $94.99 USD

Create a Monster Gorgon/ Mummy Starter Pack

The Monster High Create A Monster Gorgon/ Mummy Starter Pack started showing up on store shelves in late December 2012. Cannot find a starter pack at your local store check out the current eBay selection.

Create a Monster Blob/ Ice Girl Starter Pack

Have you been waiting for transparent ghouls? You wait has come to an end with the Blob/ Ice girl starter kits. You get one set of blue and red body parts, 1 hair wig, 1 plastic wig and 1 pair of shoes. Discover the selection on eBay.

Create-A-Monster Starter Packs - Witch/ Cat Girl & Vampire/ Gargoyle Set

The new Create-a-Monster packs made a debut May 15, 2012 on ebay. The new packs look like they include an additional torso. Yeah! The set appears to only come with one wig and pair of shoes. This is an exciting change for the Monster High Create-A-Monster doll. Right now, the prices are high on ebay but in a couple of weeks we should see more sightings of the Create-A-Monster Witch/ Cat & Vampire/Gargoyle Packs.

Monster High Create a Monster Design Lab PlaysetUnder the Monster High Create-A-Monster toy branch comes the Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab. The design lab makes it easy to create your own unique monster doll. You can customize your dolls face and limbs with the aid of the design lab. Your can order the Monster High Create-A-Monster design lab at Entertainment Earth.

Check out my completed Doll - Piper Dragon!

I used the Dragon/ Werewolf starter kit to construct the doll; though, I borrowed the dress from Frankie Stein's Sweet 1600 doll accessories.

Monster High Inspired Doll Proile

About my doll

Piper Dragon

Age: 15


Dragon and Ghoul

Killer Style

Dresses that accent my Dragon Scales.

Freaky Flaw

My hair and my wings. My hair sheds constantly and it's a dragon sized pain to customize my clothes to fit my wings.

Favorite Color


Favorite Food

Anything green and leafy.

Pet Peeve

Getting up before noon.

Favorite Activity

Hang gliding. Of course I come prepared.


Too much responsibility. I like to hang loose.


I admit I'm a bit of a lone wolf.

Favorite Subject

Dragonology. I love to discover my roots.

Least Favorite Subject

Home Ick. I'd rather be soaring through the clouds that preparing dinner.

Creating Piper Dragon - Create-a-Monster Doll

Creating Piper Dragon - Create-a-Monster Doll
Creating Piper Dragon - Create-a-Monster Doll

Werewolf and Dragon Create-a-Monster Starter Kit - Materials to make your own Monster High doll

Monster High Create-a-Monster Werewolf & Dragon
Monster High Create-a-Monster Werewolf & Dragon

I purchased this kit to make my Monster High doll. It comes with two doll heads, one torso, 4 hands, 4 lower arms, 4 upper arms, 4 thighs, 4 lower legs with feet, 1 pair of shoes, 1 doll wig with red hair. 2 doll outfits, and 1 doll stand. Will make one doll; though, there is almost enough pieces for 2 dolls.

When I created the Piper Dragon doll I though I would just make one doll with all the same colored parts - the werewolf, but I ended up liking mixing and matching all the parts which gave the doll a fun unique look.


Online Review of Monster High Create-a-Monster - Learn about these dolls

Reminder: Make sure you pick up the Starter Pack first. You will need the torso!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Monster High Dolls are all about imagination. Mattel did good here