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Crysis 3 Chapter 3 Shut Down the Dam's Generators

Updated on March 3, 2013

Crysis 3 Chapter 3 the Root of All Evil

Crouch and go through this tiny hole to start chapter 3 the Root of All Evil
Crouch and go through this tiny hole to start chapter 3 the Root of All Evil

Crysis 3 Start Chapter 3 the Root of All Evil

In Crysis 3 Chapter 3, Prophet’s next task is to shut down the energy generators of CELL. CELL has two sets of energy generators. One is the dam and the other is the nexus. This is the start of Chapter 3 the Root of All Evil. This will guide the hero on how to locate the dam’s hydro-electric generators and then how to find a way to shut down the north and south hydro-electric generators.

Crysis 3 Infiltrate and Shut Down the Dam’s Generators and Cut Power to CELL defences

After meeting with HQ leader Claire, Prophet or the “hardware” as Claire so humanely puts it, will follow Psycho until they stop before a crack in a wall. Crouch and then go through the small crack. Prophet will follow. Remember to collect some C4 before heading on. Next, jump down into the mixture of jungle and waterways beneath. The hero will track through this dense vegetation and make his way to the dam. There will be lots of CELL guards on route to the entrance to the dam. Use cloak, stealth and the dense vegetation and cover in this region to take them all down. At this point, the hero will use the predator bow. Remember to hack the turret at the entrance to the dam and use it in the hero’s favor.

After passing through the entrance, avoid the elevating and lowering lasers and head for the elevator. CELL guards will shut down the elevator and then wait outside. When the door opens, defeat the guards outside and then spot a weapons cache inside the room. Hack it and open the cache to loot a sniper weapon – stealth DSG-1.

Now head out and put the weapon to good use. Eliminate the CELL guards outside using X 3.5 or X 10 scope. Then proceed to locate the dam’s hydro-electric generators.

Crysis 3 Shut Down the South and North Hydro-Electric Generators

With the CELL guards out of the way, it’s a breeze to go down to the basement that contains the south hydro-electric generator. No one will stand in the way of the hero, because there will be no one there. Prophet will smash this hydro-electric generator, rather than hack it. This will the attract attention of the entire CELL platoon. The hero must use stealth to avoid any contact.

After Prophet shuts down the north hydro-electric generator, he can use stealth again to make his way to the weak structural areas of the dam. Attach some C4 there and then set the explosion to rock the dam. Watch as the dam is destroyed, and Prophet is washed away back into the jungle.

Next, dealing with the next energy source.


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