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Cute Zebra Stuffed Animal

Updated on April 14, 2013

Zebra Stuffed Animal

Is this a cute zebra or what? This is the Jellycat Merryday Zebra and he is very cute. If your child is a fan of zebras then we think you can find a zebra stuffed animal for them here. Is there a birthday coming up? Maybe this is a special gift that you could get now and put away for Christmas for that zebra fan.

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Zebras are such cute and beautiful animals with all their white and black stipes and as such humans are always interested in coming closer to have a look at them. Their soft toys make good buddies and great playing toys.

This cute zebra stuffed animal is from and is sold here on this page.

Find an Adorable Zebra Stuffed Animal - Find a Zebra Stuffed Animal

This Webkinz stuffed zebra plush toy can stand up on all four legs almost like a real zebra, made very strong but still very soft and cuddly to the touch.

This will enhance and promote imaginative play in children of all age and will encourage them to learn about the zebra. Get this for your child this Christmas and they will be very happy and thankful.

Zebra Stuffed Animals on Amazon - Find a Cute Zebra Stuffed Animal

Did you know... Zebras are from the same family as Horses and Donkeys?

Every Zebra has a unique black and white stripe just as humans have unique finger prints.

Cute Zebra Stuffed Animal - Best Zebra Stuffed Animal

This big size zebra comes at almost 3 inches tall and 3 inches long, a true friend and companion to its owner. It is very adorable, cute, soft, cuddly and life-like. Made to last a life time because Melissa and Doug pride themselve in producing quality. I definitely would recommend this if you are looking to buy quality.

Popular Zebra Stuffed Animal - Buy the Best Zebra Stuffed Animal

This cute jellycat zebra is so soft and adorable and I bet it will make a great gift and companion to any child. It is super soft and very easy to hold and cuddle even with the smallest hands. This is a big hit with both very young and much bigger kids, even the adults love its softness and stripey fur. A great gift to give!

Zebra Fun Facts

Zebras run from side to side when being chased by a predator.

Zebras stand up while sleeping and they have excellent eyesight and hearing

Male zebras are called stallions, females are mares and the young are foals.

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      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      The jellycat zebra is so adorable, I want one. LOL