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Dark Souls Defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag

Dark Souls Defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag - Fearsome and Fiery
Dark Souls Defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag - Fearsome and Fiery

Dark Souls Defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag

In dark souls, the hero must defeat the chaos witch Quelaag to ring the second bell and move on to the next stage of the game. The chaos witch Quelaag inhabits a hill with spikes coming out to the right of the swamp bonfire as the hero comes out of the tunnel. The chaos witch Quelaag is a woman who wields a fire sword and appears to be riding or is fused with a spider. Defeating the Chaos Witch Quelaag is difficult because the spider is very mobile, and can chase the hero all around the chamber. In addition, the spider can spew lava and turn moderate segments of the chamber into hot magma which will harm the hero. If the hero becomes trapped within the hot lava pools, then more damage is done. The chaos witch quelaag will then follow through with her fire sword attack, and if the hero is damaged by the lava and then the chaos witch quelaag, then the battle is over.

Dark Souls Route to Defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag

In addition to the difficulty level of the fight with the chaos witch Quelaag itself, the route to the hill and lair of the chaos witch is fraught with dangers, poison and monsters. First to reach this hill, the hero has to wade through the swamp waters, which will poison the hero. Second the hero must defeat the Chaos Witch Quelaag from the swamp bonfire, which means only five ectus flask fillings. Third, the monsters that inhabit this swamp will attempt to stop the hero. These include the giant flies and the annoying mosquitoes. And there is a new group of beasts which guard the entrance to the lair of the chaos witch Quelaag. These beasts throw boulders the size of the hero, and can smoulder the hero underneath the boulders, causing intense damage.

Add to this the surprise attack or invasion by the phantom Maneater Mildred as the hero tries to reach the lair. This phantom wields the Butcher's Knife, and combined with the attacks from the other monsters, can be overwhelming for the hero. The good thing is the swamp bonfire is very near, so defeat this phantom and then go back to save.

After defeating Maneater Mildred, the hero will be rewarded with three humanity. At the swamp bonfire, revert back to human form, and then take the following route to the chaos witch Quelaag's lair. Turn right from the swamp bonfire, and go along the wall towards the chaos witch's lair. Defeat the monsters along the way. In this way, the hero will bypass the three beasts with boulders that guard the entrance to the lair.

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat the Chaos Witch Quelaag

In dark souls, a balance of melee prowess and sorcery or pyromancy supremacy is essential for defeating the boss monsters. To this end, tactics for defeating the chaos witch Quelaag have been tailored along this principle. This particular hero has a halberd as the main melee weapon, and the Tin Banishment Catalyst as the secondary weapon and the sorcerer's wand. Also the hero has learnt the sorcery spells Remedy, Heavy Soul Arrows, Great Soul Arrows, and Great Heavy Soul Arrows. A fifth attunement slot is reserved for the heel miracle spell.

These spells are essential, as the hero will likely be poisoned and relatively low in health on arrival at the Chao Witch's lair. Use remedy to cure the poison, and reserve the ectus flask fillings for the fight by using Heal Miracle instead. With full health points, and not poisoned, the hero is poised to take the fight to the chaos withc Quelaag. The final thing to do is up to the player's preference, and that is whether to summon the phantom Maneater Mildred to assist the hero in the fight. It is recommended to call up the NPC if the gamer wants to move on to the next stage of the game fairly fast.

Summon Maneater Mildred and transverse the white light. The phantom will serve as the tank (although the chaos witch Quelaag will still come after the hero). Just run away and let the phantom attract the attention of the chaos witch. When the chaos witch is busy attacking the phantom, or is busy spewing lava, hit the chaos witch Quelaag with the third types of soul arrow spells. There should be a total of 40 soul arrows to fire. Even the mighty chaos witch Quelaag cannot stand the might of 40 soul arrows, and Quelaag will be defeated.

When the Chaos Witch Quelaag is defeated, go and ring the second bell, and the entrance to Sen's Fortress will be opened. Apart from this reward, the hero can locate and find the hidden chaos covenant in this area. Be warned though. Joining this covenant can be very disfiguring......


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