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Dark Souls Blighttown to Swamp Bonfire

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Blightown to Swamp Bonfire to Firelink Shrine

Dark Souls Blightown to Swamp Bonfire to Firelink Shrine - the dark tunnel that leads to the Valley of the Drakes
Dark Souls Blightown to Swamp Bonfire to Firelink Shrine - the dark tunnel that leads to the Valley of the Drakes

Dark Souls Blighttown to Swamp Bonfire

In dark souls, the hero must make his way from the depths bonfire to Blighttown to the swamp bonfire in order to save and explore the blighttown swamp properly. This area is filled with unseen dangers from fire hounds, poison dart shooters, large poisonous bugbear creatures and red lizard like creatures which pounce and jump onto the hero. A guide is essential to ensure that the hero does not end up at the previous bonfire again and again, either from falling to his death from the treacherous ledges and ladder system in this area, or from the above mentioned monsters.

Dark Souls Blighttown Start to the Bridge Bonfire

in dark souls, after finishing the gaping dragon, descend into Blighttown. Survey the scene from afar, and notice that there are a few bugbear creatures just down the way and fighting them in a very narrow ledgeway will be suicidal. The good thing about this area, and these bugbear creatures is that they like to blindly follow the hero and then fall down to the bottomless pits below. Therefore the tactics here is to descend the ladder, allow the bugbear creature to chase you, and then ascend the ladder quickly and then hug the wall. The bugbear monsters will just follow blindly and jump down. This creates more free and easy experience points in this area, and this technique can be repeated for leveling up easily in this area for other monsters, but in particular for this bugbear type creature.

Next cautiously move down the wooden ramp to be besieged by all sorts of monsters. Always go for shield up and then attack. Use sorcery soul arrow bolts against the poison dart shooters. Find cover and then move an inch or two out and then target and destroy the poison dart shooters. Bring lots of purple moss clumps and blooming purple moss clumps for this dark souls blightown to swamp bonfire walkthrough.

The key to moving from Blighttown to the Bridge Bonfire is just to use the bow zoom function, and make sure the next level down can be descended so that the hero will not fall to his death. One can also use the Prism Stone from the second merchant in the undead burg area to check the depths. The difficult part should be not moving from the start of Blighttown to the Bridge Bonfire.

Dark Souls Areas Around Blightown Bridge Bonfire and Leveling Up

Dark Souls Blighttown Bridge Bonfire to the Swamp Bonfire

In Dark Souls, the difficult part is moving from the Blighttown Bridge Bonfire to the Swamp Bonfire. The following steps are essential.

From the bonfire, face the right direction. Run from the blightown bridge bonfire to find a left handed corner where a red lizard like creature is waiting. Shield up, weapon or halberd in and defeat the monster. Next two fire hounds will race towards the hero. Be aggressive, Finish them before they release their firebreath. Next, one of the poison dart shooters may start shooting. Run for the next cover across this other bridge where the fire hounds were on, and arrive at the next cover to see two other lizard like creatures about to attack the hero. Again, shield up and then attack. Finish them.

From this vantage point, if one can identify and destroy the poison dart shooter with soul arrows, then that is good. Otherwise just move around until he falls off the ledges into the pits below. More free and easy experience points. Again from this vantage point, identify that a squid like monster is blocking one of the sewer structure. Use heavy soul arrows to destroy it from this point. It is suggested not to finish this monster up close. Next find a ladder that goes down, and see another ladder going down. Do not go down this ladder yet. Wait for more red lizard like creatures to approach and climb the ladder. Position the hero with shield up and weapon ready. When the creatures appear on the platform, just target and smash them to bits before they can retaliate. .This is the crucial part of the blightown to swamp bonfire walkthrough for most heroes. Beyond this point, it's mostly just climbing down the ladders and then finishing the monsters. There is one more bugbear monster in the tunnel. Use "the climb ladder and wait for him to move off the platform technique" to defeat him. In the tunnel that leads down to the swamp, there is a whip weapon that can be picked up.

From the tunnel, just keep climbing the ladders down until you see one of two things - a fly spider like monster that breaths fire. That means the hero is almost at the bottom of Blightown and at the swamp area. The other thing is the most annoying giant mosquitoes. These mosquitoes will appear in pairs and approach the hero from afar. When they are defeated, another pair will appear from afar and move in again. This means the hero has to move fast to reach the swamp bonfire.

Finish off all the fly spider like monsters (they are really easy) and reach the swamp. As soon as the hero sees the swamp, turn right, and smash a wooden barrier at the end of the ramp. Look down and see some dry sand just above the poisonous swamp. Jump down and move alongside the wall all the way until the hero sees a break in the wall.

Congratulations! Run in and the hero will reach the swamp bonfire.

Dark Souls Swamp Bonfire to Valley of the Drakes

In dark souls, the task is not yet over for the hardworking hero. For the impending boss fight in the blighttown swamp, it is essential to link the firelink shrine to the swamp bonfire. This will allow the hero to reach the blacksmith in the undead parish area, and the large titanite shard farming from the leeches in the swamp will help reinforce the best weapons to +10 (need ember to ascend the weapon from +5 to +6 or to the raw form first).

To return from the swamp bonfire to the firelink shrine, head out from the swamp bonfire and turn right. Destroy two more monsters, and climb up a wooden structure to find a wooden windmill. Use the windmill to ascend up a series of ladders and ramps higher and higher and higher until you reach the top. After ascending up the windmill, if the hero moves and explores the back passage of the windmill area, discover more fire hounds and poison dart shooters, and also a fire keeper soul being guarded by two fire hounds. In addition, at one level below this are two tree trunks. If the hero takes his time and explores the area beyond the tree trunks (need to move gingerly across the tree trunk), he will discover the Tin Banishment Catalyst (sorceror wand and long weapon attack 145 combined into one), the Remedy sorcery spell in a chest, and the crimson robe armor set.

It is likely that the hero will encounter the annoying mosquitoes again at some point, as this is a really long climb. At the top, see a dark tunnel with three bugbear creatures in it. Lure them out and run for the topmost ladder and climb down halfway. Watch as the monsters fall off the platform as they chase the hero. Climb back up, go through the tunnel to the valley of the drakes, and from there to the firelink shrine.

However, it is not all good news for the heroes who have saved the golden knight. It appears that the Fire Soul Keeper has been removed by the golden knight, and the hero cannot save at the firelink shrine area......

However, the hero has no time to ponder what would have been. Onwards to defeat the Chaos Witch Quelaag and ring the second bell.


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