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Dark Souls Defeating Four Kings

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating Four Kings

Dark Souls Defeating one of Four Kings. Sometimes it's not the volume that counts.
Dark Souls Defeating one of Four Kings. Sometimes it's not the volume that counts.

Dark Souls Defeating Four Kings

In dark souls, the four kings is one of the mega bosses that the hero has to defeat in order to complete the lordvessel quest. The four kings lie in slumber in the abyss at the bottom of the new londo ruins. Before being able to transverse the abyss, the hero must obtain the ring of artorias. Otherwise the hero cannot even travel to the abyss to meet the four kings, let alone defeat the four kings. This will guide the hero in obtaining the ring of artorias by defeating the great grey wolf sif and then defeating four kings.

Dark Souls Defeating Great Grey Wolf Sif

In dark souls, the great grey wolf sif is a giant wolf located in the forest of Artorias. The forest of Artorias can be accessed by purchasing the crest of Artorias from the blacksmith in the undead parish area, or by defeating the hydra and climbing the ladder near the lake. The former path is easier and allows the hero to rest in a bonfire just outside the forest of Artorias. The great grey wolf sif is then located by traveling to the stone structure near to the entrance (where the cleric and warrior are) and then going down some stairs and looking for a narrow bridge that leads to a set of giant doors. These doors can be accessed once the lordvessel is obtained.

In dark souls, to defeat the great grey wolf sif is actually not that hard. The fight is initiated by approaching and touching the giant sword in the center of the grave. The great grey wolf sif will pick up the giant sword and take two swipes at the hero, Dodge these swipes and roll underneath the great grey wolf sif and unleash spam attacks of great combustion or combustion on the great grey wolf sif. Repeat this process, and it's a matter of mere minutes before the great grey wolf sif is defeated. After defeating the great grey wolf sif, the hero can collect the ring of artorias. Also lying before the giant tombstone is the hornet ring (which increases critical attacks).

Dark Souls Using Melee Attacks in Defeatig Great Grey Wolf Sif

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat the Four Kings

In dark souls, the four kings may be the easiest of the four mega bosses to defeat. The key is to obtain the ring of artorias as above, and jump into the abyss from the stairs after the fog gate in New Londo ruins.

Once the hero lands at the abyss, run around and the four kings will appear to engage the hero. Take on one king at a time. Stay very close to each king, and always circle around the king and try to attack from the back or the side so that the strikes or magical attacks from the four kings cannot hit the hero. It is worthwhile upgrading the firelink shrine bonfire to +20 estus flasks before coming to defeat the four kings. When damaged, just drink from the estus flasks - remember about 4 estus flask fillings for each king (and the rest for the journey from firelink shrine). When in the ideal position near each king, just unleash spam attacks of great combustion or combustion. Watch with delirium as the great combustion spam attacks can reach damage of +2000 plus on the third or fourth consecutive attacks with Pyromancy Flame of +5. This particular hero brought 32 combustion and 8 great combustion slots to the fight to defeat the four kings.

Each of the four kings simply cannot withstand such ferocity and volume of flaming attacks, and will eventually fall. Move on to the next king, and repeat the process. Using these pyromancy tactics, the four kings will be defeated.

For those wanting to use melee attacks to defeat the four kings and finding it too hard. It is possible to summon Beatrice the Witch for this fight. Her sign is behind a wall before the fog gate. Remember to summon her first when dealing with the Moonlight Butterfly, so that she is available for this fight.

When the four kings are defeated, the abyss bonfire will appear. Save and warp back to firelink shrine. The lordvessel quest is almost completed.


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