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Dark Souls Defeating the Gaping Dragon

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating the Gaping Dragon

Dark Souls Defeating the Gaping Dragon - looks better than it fights.
Dark Souls Defeating the Gaping Dragon - looks better than it fights.

Dark Souls Defeating the Gaping Dragon

In dark souls, defeating the gaping dragon allows the hero to travel from the Depths into Blight Town. The gaping dragon is found quite near to the Depths bonfire area, thereby allowing the hero to travel pretty fast and without having to destroy any monsters, save for one raging zombie and one large rat. Therefore the hero should arrive at the gaping dragon lair full of health points, and ready to defeat the gaping dragon.

The gaping dragon is a huge dragon with a small head. The small head appears in the cut scene in the dark souls battle against the gaping dragon. This gives a false sense of security to the hero. However, the grotesque size and nature of the gaping dragon becomes visible to all as it crawls its way out of the mega sewers where it calls its lair. Where the stomach and body of this dragon should be, it is instead replaced by a large maw extending the whole length of the dragon's body. Obviously this "mouth" has to be filled with sharp large teeth. The sight of the gaping dragon is strikingly fearsome.

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat the Gaping Dragon

In dark souls, knowing the battle tactics of the gaping dragon will allow the hero to devise strategies to defeat the gaping dragon. The gaping dragon will move forwards towards the hero, and then try to engulf the hero with its large maw. Naturally try to stay as far away from the gaping dragon's maw as possible. When the gaping dragon sinks it's maw into the ground, it will give out some hissing yellowish gas. Stay clear of this by rolling away. If the hero is too close to the gaping dragon, it will seize the hero with its claws and put the hero into its mouth, causing an extensive large amount of damage. In addition, the gaping dragon can spit out corrosive slime onto the ground. It's almost impossible to roll away from this onslaught of slime, and the hero will take huge damage. Also, the hero's equipment will be damaged. Another attack that the gaping dragon possesses is the limited fly into the air and then throw its huge maw into the hero. Again this causes a large amount of damage.

Therefore the message is clear. Stay well clear of the gaping dragon at all times. To stay well clear of the gaping dragon, and yet be able to defeat the gaping dragon, the answer has to be ranged attacks. By this time, the hero would have saved the sorcerer. Even if the hero did not start as a sorcerer, he can still purchase soul arrows (four types, varies in speed and damage used) from the sorcerer at the firelink shrine. Use the most heavy duty and damaging of the soul arrows (Great Heavy Soul Arrows, Heavy Soul Arrows, Great Soul Arrows and Soul Arrows in that order). Approach the gaping dragon from the side and then target the gaping dragon. And the attack sequence is simple. Just keep sending soul arrows after soul arrows at the gaping dragon.

There are times when the gaping dragon will try to turn around and attack the hero. When this happens, move away from the gaping dragon, roll away and let the gaping dragon make its move. When the gaping dragon is faced away from the hero again, relaunch more soul arrows at the gaping dragon. To finish the task of defeating the gaping dragon, the hero had to use all the soul arrows (30, 20 and 12 slots of Soul Arrows, Great Soul Arrows and Heavy Soul Arrows). Use the level up guide to know which attribute points to invest and when to invest them so one can have three or four attunement slots for this technique of defeating the gaping dragon. When launching the soul arrows, try to keep hitting the gaping dragon with the soul arrows non-stop, as this will create multiplier damage effects.

With this technique, the gaping dragon will be defeated. The hero does need to bring some ectus flask fillings with him, as the size and tenacity of the gaping dragon attack means the hero will be damaged at some point.

With the gaping dragon defeated, the hero is ready to move on to Blight Town.

Dark Souls Using Melee Attacks Rather Than Soul Arrows


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