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Dark Souls Obtaining Zweihander from Skeleton Graveyard

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating the Giant Skeleton

Dark Souls Defeating the Giant Skeleton
Dark Souls Defeating the Giant Skeleton

Dark Souls Obtaining Zweihander from Skeleton Graveyard

In dark souls, obtaining special equipment including weapons and armor form a very important part of the game, especially in accumulating items to help in defeating the mega monster bosses in the game. This will guide the player in obtaining the special items and equipment around the firelink shrine areas, and especially obtaining the mighty long long sword Zweihander from the skeleton graveyard. This article will guide the hero in fast leveling up around the firelink shrine area, so as to obtain more powerful sorcery and higher attribute points in creating the ultimate dark souls fighting machine.

Dark Souls Treasures In the Skeleton Graveyard

In dark souls, the skeleton graveyard is just a short distance away from the firelink shrine bonfire. Move the hero from the firelink shrine bonfire up the stairs to the large rectangular pool of water and turn left through an archway to enter the top of a hill overlooking the skeleton graveyard. Survey the skeleton graveyard from the top of the hill. There are about five or six treasure points (or corpses with items on them). One of them contains the Zweihander, and is the one guarded by one of two giant skeletons.

Advance slowly down and through the graveyard. This is because the bones on the ground will animate and reassemble into skeletons. These skeletons are not easy to defeat (unless one uses blunt weapons). Using the halberd, it took about four hits to take one out. And they cause bleeding damage, so be extra cautious. Block and attack at all times, as the skeletons are capable of jumping a great distance and doing a double attack. Once the hero starts to bleed, it's all over soon.

Dark Souls Defeating the Giant Skeleton

In dark souls, one of the two giant skeletons to the right of the entrance to the graveyard guards the Zweihander. To defeat the giant skeletons, it may be useful to know the sorcery spell Heavy Soul Arrow. This spell can be learnt from the sorcerer who is rescued from the lower undead burg area using the residence key which can be bought from the first merchant in the undead burg area. Just explore all the rooms in the lower undead burg area (key from eliminating the bell gargoyles) before engaging the capra demon. The sorcerer can be found in the firelink shrine after resting for a little while after being rescued.

When the giant skeleton is awaken, quickly move away from it, but still maintain a target lock on it. Release the greater soul arrow, and watch as it takes away either 90+ or 60+ points from the giant skeleton. Continue to move backwards and fire more and more of the greater soul arrows at the skeleton. By the time the 12 slots for the greater soul arrows are used up, the skeleton will be defeated, and the hero gains 500 soul points. Beware of the mighty sword attack of the skeleton though, as it can take away a huge chunk of the hero's health points.

The important rewards for defeating the giant skeleton(s) are obtaining the Zweihander from the graveyard, and also obtaining an easy way of leveling up near the firelink shrine bonfire. Now imagine using this method of leveling up early on, investing the attribute points in Attunement and Intelligence and then purchasing the Greater Heavy Soul Arrow sorcery. This makes it even easier to defeat the giant skeleton, earning 500 soul points and leveling up again and again near the firelink shrine. And when one has leveled up high enough, it's time to take on the mega bosses of the dark souls game. Brilliant!

Dark Souls Defeating the Giant Skeleton Without Sorcery - Very Painful Indeed

Dark Souls Other Treasures Around the Firelink Shrine

Other treasures that can be picked up from around the firelink shrine with much fighting or not at all include the following -

  • the Astora's Straight Sword (need faith of 14 to wield and has other added elemental damage to it) and the Dragon Crest Shield, obtained from the Valley of the Drakes. No fighting involved. Just walk there, quickly pick up the items, and then roll away and run as the undead dragon breathes its poisonous breath over the area.
  • Estoc (special rapier) from the New Londo Ruins, reached by taking the elevator downwards from the firelink shrine. The elevator is reached by going down to the woman in the cell who cannot speak (this woman will increase the strength of the ectus flask using fire keeper soul obtained first from defeating the tower knight in the church). Opposite this woman is the golden knight rescued from the church.
  • Murakumo - the giant sword wielded by the giant skeleton; will be dropped occasionally after defeating the giant skeleton at the graveyard


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