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Dark Souls Defeating the Taurus Demon

Updated on October 7, 2011

Dark Souls Defeating the Taurus Demon

Dark Souls Defeating the Taurus Demon - one of many many hard boss battles in Dark Souls game (XBox 360 and PS3)
Dark Souls Defeating the Taurus Demon - one of many many hard boss battles in Dark Souls game (XBox 360 and PS3)

Dark Souls Defeating the Taurus Demon

Dark Souls is one of the hardest action rpg game in 2011. The main action of dark souls is centered around trying to defeat well crafted and very fearsome monsters, or bosses at the end of each stage, whilst also trying to tell the story of dark souls. This will provide one with some ideas and inspirations in dark souls on defeating the taurus demon, which is a fearsome monster that occupies the middle to end stages of the second part of the Dark Souls game. The Taurus Demon guards the bridge that leads into the next part of the game, and defeating the taurus demon is important in the advancing of the Dark Souls game.

To defeat the Taurus Demon, a know-how of the various buttons on the controller is important, as the action is too fast paced to try to remember which button is which when the time comes to defeat the bosses. The essential keys needed are to shield and block, and then power attack using the right large button. When the player comes out of the white shimmering gate into the bridge, do not advance into the bridge, as this will trigger off the Taurus Demon, and the player has to contend with both the Taurus Demon and also the two skeletal arches on the tower. An absolute nightmare!

Instead, to defeat the taurus demon, advance slowly forwards and then turn right and climb up the ladder to the top of the tower. The two skeletal knights at the top of the tower will be more than happy to attack the player. Try to get the two skeletal knights to be as close as possible and always block first. When they attack and their attacks are blocked, launch a counterattack using the power button, twice if possible. This will take down the skeletal knight, and if they are close enough together, they will go down at the same time.

Next, trigger off the appearance of the Taurus Demon by climbing down from the tower, and then advancing towards the other end of the bridge. When the Taurus Demon appears, run for your life back to the tower where the skeletal knights were originally. Climb the tower, and then when the Taurus Demon is just underneath the tower, launch an airborne attack on the monster. Repeat this technique - lure monster away to other side of bridge, run back to the tower, jump off tower when monster is near, and attack again, and the Taurus Demon will be defeated.

Dark Souls Defeating the Taurus Demon

Dark Souls Alternative Way to Defeat Taurus Demon

The alternative way to defeat the taurus demon uses guile, rather than brawl. First the player has to finish off the two skeletons at the top of the tower as described above. Then head near the end of the bridge (don't get too close to the end, as otherwise you will find it impossible to outrun this monstrous beast), see the Taurus Demon jump down and then turn around and run for your life towards the ladder. Head up the ladder to the top, go close to the edge, look down and aim (right hand click on the bottom button) for the Taurus Demon. Then use either Fireball (if the Hero is the Pyromancer), or firebombs (this is available, amongst many other items like weapons and keys, for purchase from the merchant in the Undead Burg area, or you can try your luck and try to collect these from the undead who wield the firebombs) if the Hero is a melee attacker primarily. Launch these two forms of fire missiles at the taurus demon. About 8 fireballs and 1 firebomb, or 9 firebombs are required in total. After throwing one fire missile, look for the taurus demon's poise as he tries to jump up. Be careful not to stand too close to the edge when throwing the firebombs, as the Hero could fall off. Quickly go to the ladder and climb down about one third of the way, as the taurus demon jumps up onto the tower. The taurus demon will detect that no one is on the tower, and will jump down again. When the taurus demon is on the ground level, repeat the above tactic - climb to the top of the tower, launch fire missile, watch taurus monster about to jump up, climb down ladder, and repeat the whole process. Watch with satisfaction (finally!) as the Hero defeats the Taurus Demon on the final throw.

Dark Souls Defeating the Asylum Demon

The defeat of the Taurus Demon in the dark souls game is hard compared to defeating the asylum demon, which is the first boss and guards the exit in the first part of the dark souls game. This monster, although very large and wields a mean club weapon, can be defeated easily by running to the back of the monster (or to the side of the monster), and then using power attack against it. Other techniques needed to defeat the asylum demon include being able to roll away from the monster, especially when it tries to smash the player to bits with its club or with its weight. With the defeat of the Asylum Demon, the next stage of the game opens up, and the player must then find and defeat the Taurus Demon.

Dark Souls Defeating the Asylum Demon


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