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Top 10 RPG games 2011

Updated on December 23, 2014

The RPG Game for 2011

Neverwinter 2011
Neverwinter 2011

Top 10 rpg games 2011

As we approach 2011, we look back at the action rpg, adventure rpg and pure rpg video games we have missed out on, and look forward to the top 10 rpg games of 2011. The last few months of 2010 have seen games like Fable 3, Arcania Gothic 4 and Divinity 2: Ego Draconis hit the market. It may be too expensive to buy all these rpg games, without looking forward initially and saving up a bit of money. Hence we now look forward to the top 10 games of 2011, in hope we can save at least $100 per month to buy each of these rpg games as they come out. Save up especially for Star Wars the Old Republic, and other games as more news about the games hit the market in 2011.

Star Wars the Old Republic Collectors' Edition

No 1 - Venetica

In no chronological order or order of greatness or entertainment value, we list the first game as Venetica. Venetica is one of the rpg games of 2011. It is based on a female character called Scarlett, daughter of the leader of a secret society in Venice who was gone rogue and defied the philosophies of the society. This leader has become an undead, and aim to unleash evil into the city of Venice. Scarlett must stop him. Skills include the ability to use the powers of the Twilight world - the realms between the living and the dead, and eventually wield the power of death itself. Venice is the setting and includes allies and traitors hidden in the streets and alleys of Venice. Here is a video preview of the game. The release date of Venetica is anticipated to be 24 January 2011.


No 2 - Diablo 3

Year after year, we look to see if diablo 3 will be released. Is 2011 finally the year that diablo 3 will be released, now that starcraft 2 has been released? Diablo 3 is set 10 years after the events of diablo 2, where the Prime Evils Diablo, Mephisto and Baal were defeated. A fiery cataclysm falls from the sky onto the ground where Diablo arose, awakening ancient evils. Heroes must rise to fight these "new" ancient evils.

Diablo 3

No 3 - 2 worlds 2

Whereas diablo 3 is household name amongst video and pc gamers, 2 worlds 2 may not sound as familiar except to hardcore rpg gamers, who must experience each and every kind of sci fi and medieval rpg experience. Remember 2 worlds? Probably not. Anyway, 2 worlds 2 is still set in the world of Antaloor, where the hero from 2 worlds tried to save his sister Kyra. Unfortunately,Kyra is saved but escapes under the influence of a magical spell. The hero is bound at the bottom of a dungeon, that is, until the orcs come in and surprisingly rescues the hero. Under the instructions of Prophet Cassara, the orcs seem to turn over a new leaf, or have they? The hero must accumulate new spells, weapons, and skills (under a new system) and take on the evil archmage Gandohar and save his sister....... again. New 2 world 2 monsters and new locations will further entice the rpg video gamer to dive into the 2 worlds 2 again. Here the magic of 2 worlds 2 - namely fire, water, air and necromancy is showcased. When is the release date for 2 worlds 2?

The magic of 2 worlds 2

No 4 - Dragon Age 2

No top 10 rpg list of 2011 can be complete without dragon age 2. Dragon Age: Origins brought the rpg video gamer into the kingdom of Ferelden, and the struggle of the people of Ferelden against the darkspawn, led by the Grey Wardens. Dragon Age: Awakening further expanded on the dragon age universe, and dragon age downloadable contents include Witch's Hunt, Darkspawn Chronicles, (the lovely) Leilana's Song and Golems of Amgarrak, etc. The dragon age 2 destiny trailer has been released. Now let's preview the dragon age 2 rise to power trailer.

Dragon Age 2 Rise to Power Trailer

The Return of the Witcher 2

The Witcher will return in the witcher 2 in 2011 as the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Geralt of Rivia needs no introduction. He is the left handed swordsman with the ability to wield magic. Flanked by his love the red headed lass Triss, they embark on yet another adventure in the Witcher 2. The release date for the Witcher 2 is May 2011. Whilst waiting till May, we refresh our memories on how the witcher can fight.

The Witcher Revisited

No 6 - Mass Effect 3

The granddaddy of all science fiction rpg games - mass effect 3 will be launched in 2011. Unfortunately it is very likely to be at the end of the year 2011. Mass Effect 3 will likely showcase the showdown between Commander Shepard and the Reapers. All rpg gamers will wait in anticipation for the first mass effect 3 trailer, which is not available as yet.

No 7 - Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters

As the green lantern movie trailer 2011 hits the internet community, the video game tie in Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters have also been announced. It is rumoured the green lantern game will allow rpg gamers to finally use the power of the green lantern ring and transverse the green lantern universe in ways beyond the limits of the green lantern movie and comic books series. The green lantern rise of the manhunters trailer will be available here as it becomes available.

No 8 - Thor

Not to be outdone, Thor the movie brings in its own tie-in Thor the video game. In this video game, gamers can control Thor, and his legendary hammer Mjolnir and annihilate enemies with Mjolnir and also the weather. Thor's experience in the game will be reflected in advancement of his abilities. Stay tuned for the trailer.

No 9 - Dungeon Siege 3

Obsidian Entertainment has kindly taken hold of Dungeon Siege 3, and made it into console and PC game, to be released sometime in 2011. This is great news, given obsidian entertainment's great track record. Here is a trailer for dungeon siege 3.

Dungeon Siege 3 Trailer

No 10 - Neverwinter

And finally we have arrived at the pleasant little surprise at the end of this list. The great game in the 2000 first decade that gave rise to countless rpg games. The legacy of Baldur's gate that gave birth to Neverwinter nights and which partly inspired Dragon Age has finally spawned Neverwinter. Announcement that Neverwinter will be produced as an online game, where players can join forces in the city of Neverwinter or play as solo characters gathering computer allies to fulfill their destiny in Neverwinter. The time for Neverwinter to rise from the ashes is finally here! Here's a nostalgic look at the precursor to Neverwinter 2011 - Neverwinter nights 2

Neverwinter nights 2


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