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Darksiders 2 Defeat Basileus

Updated on September 16, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat Basileus and Achidna

Darksiders 2 Basileus and Achidna fight - one of the most thrilling fights in the game because the hero can use his full repertoire of skills
Darksiders 2 Basileus and Achidna fight - one of the most thrilling fights in the game because the hero can use his full repertoire of skills

Darksiders 2 Defeat Basileus

In Darksiders 2, the hero must defeat Basileus in order to subjugate him and bring him back to the Lord of Bones. Only then can the hero proceed to the next part of the quest. However, Basileus is the most defiant and stealth worthy of the three dead lords. And he has a pet spider which will help him in the fight against the hero. The good thing about this fight is that the hero has free rein of his combat combo moves and his wrath moves, and does not have to match any pre-determined goal orientated targets like previous boss fights. The key here is to use the hero's preferred fighting style and tactics to defeat Basileus. This will guide the hero on how to defeat Basileus and his spider pet Achidna.

Darksiders 2 Defeat Basileus' Minions

Before the hero can reach Basileus, he must defeat several waves of Basileus' minions in the chamber preceding the final fight. Here the fight involves the hero and various numbers of mini-bosses the hero has encountered before. These monsters include two giant dungeon bugs that can erect wing shields in front of them and prevent any damage. The key to defeating them is to use exhume and ghouls to distract them and then roll behind the insects to attack them from behind using scythe attacks, massive secondary weapon attacks or Redemption attacks.

Tactics to Defeat Basileus

Before entering this fight, fast travel back to the Eternal Throne area to purchase and maximize the number of health potions and wrath potions on the hero.

The hero will enter this fight initially on a one on two fight. This is obviously unfair, so upon entering the fight, immediately summon ghouls to help the hero. Then use the hero's most powerful primary scythe weapons to attack Basileus. For this particular hero, it will be the scythe of fire, which will do an average of 130 points of damage. Roll around to dodge Basileus' attacks and then create some combo moves on Basileus to maximize damage and visual effects. Because Basileus is moving so fast, it may be difficult for the hero to use slow secondary weapons, although that will create more damage per hit compared to the scythe.

One important wrath move at this part of the game is the wrath move Unstoppable, where the hero's strength is increased. As the hero progresses, this Unstoppable move will have additional effects on the hero and the enemy upon hitting. Use this wrath move to create even more damage on Basileus.

Tactics Used by Basileus

Upon reduction in Basileus' health points to a certain amount, he will climb into the shadows that he lives in, and summon Achidna. Although the giant spider Achidna looks really mean, she is surprisingly easy to deal with. Simply roll underneath Achidna's belly and then keep hitting her with the scythe attacks. Hence Unstoppable is important for this fight, for the strength increased will increase the damage of the hero. The important thing is to stay outside the range of Achidna's fangs; else the fight will be very short indeed, as the hero will be shredded to bits by Achidna.

After a moment of recuperation and hiding in the shadows, Basileus will drop down and resume his assault on the hero. There will be moments when Basileus will combine with Achidna to attack the hero. At these moments, it is best to roll around and dodge the attacks, until the spider lifts off into its webs above to rest. Then it is a one on one battle between Basileus and the hero.

Use wrath potions to restore wrath and health potions to restore health. Now repeat the techniques above. Eventually Basileus will be defeated.


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