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Darksiders 2 Find the First Animus Stone

Updated on September 7, 2012

Darksiders 2 Find the First Animus Stone

In Darksiders 2, the hero must find the first animus stone. When all three animus stone are placed in the Gilded Arena, the champion will be summoned, This is necessary for the hero in seeking an audience with the king of the Realm of the Dead. The first animus stone is not all that hard to find, but does require some orientation within the Gilded Arena; else the hero may waste a lot of time in this part of the game. This will guide the hero on how to find the first animus stone and how to navigate the obstacles and challenges on route to the first animus stone.

Get to the Gilded Arena

Before the hero is sent on the journey for the animus stones, Death must find his way to the eternal throne. From the Maw, Death the hero horseman must should follow the map and go to Serpent's Pine. This part of the journey is only available after completing the Breach dungeon.

Towards the end of Serpent's Pine, the hero realizes that he needs to board a fortress flown by serpents. The hero needs to navigate a series of obstacles to get to the other side and get to the area just before the Gilded Arena.

Finally the hero will arrive at the hub of the Eternal Throne. Outside the throne will be a training ground where the hero can improve his basic training moves with a trainer. Then the hero will meet with the King's advisor. The hero is advised that he cannot meet with the King until he has defeated the gilded arena's champion. Ostegoth will also mysteriously appear around this region to sell health potions and wrath potions to the hero if he so desires.

The hero will proceed to the Gilded Arena next.

Darksiders 2 Find the First Animus Stone

Darksiders 2 Find the First Animus Stone and then return to the Gilded Arena
Darksiders 2 Find the First Animus Stone and then return to the Gilded Arena

Find the First Animus Stone

Within the Gilded Arena, the hero will be told that he must find the three animus stones in order to be ready to summon the champion. To find the first animus stone, the hero needs to turn left from the entrance into the Gilded Arena and climb up a ledge to the next level. Turn right and go straight through a crack in the wall ahead and then turn left. Head through the door.

The hero will reach a chamber with a panel on a small elevated area in the center of the room, and some crystalline structures around the room. Within one exit from the room is a shadow bomb which is obstructed by some gratings. Step on the panel and the gratings will come down, allowing the hero to grab hold of the shadow bomb using deathgrip. Now destroy the crystalline structures around the area using the shadow bomb. A green lantern will be revealed lying somewhere beyond a small impassable pit with spikes. Use deathgrip to grab the green lantern and then carry the green lantern to the panel. Place the green lantern on the panel to prevent the gratings from rising. Head past the shadow bomb and transverse the wall obstacles and get to the knob slab. Activate this.

This will allow the hero to descend into the lower levels of this part of the gilded arena. The hero will eventually reach a wide cavern with an ominous statue with a green stone embedded in it. This is the first animus stone. When the hero gets the first animus stone, the exit from the cavern will be blocked. The hero must now fight off some waves of skeletons and annoying bugs. The end of the fight is signalled by the gate opening again.

Head out of the exit and navigate more obstacles. Eventually, the hero will reach a lever. Activate this and the door to the outside of the Gilded Arena will be opened. Go outside and insert the first animus stone into the face of the overhanging face statue. This will unleash some bloodthirsty skeletons. Defeat them, and seek out the next animus stone.


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