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Darksiders 2 Drenchfort Walkthrough

Updated on August 20, 2012

Darksiders 2 Drenchfort Walkthrough

In Darksiders 2, the hero needs to complete the Drenchfort walkthrough in order to bring water to the forge. There are a few stages in bringing the water to flow again in the drenchfort. This will guide the hero on how to open the gates and doors in the drenchfort by solving the ball puzzles and then getting the water to flow again into the water channels of the Drenchfort.

Enter the Drenchfort

The hero will arrive at the Drenchfort from the Fjord. The hero will enter the Drenchfort and face some monsters. The hero can show off and use visually appealing combat moves and wrath moves to defeat them. Through a broken wall on the right, the hero can see a series of bars on the wall which he can climb and arrive at a ledge with a non-volatile shadow bomb. Throw the shadow bomb so that it latches onto the ball in the distance. Fire off Redemption at the ball and watch as it rolls near to the crater on the ground. Push the ball into the crater. This will allow the floor to be lit up and the door to open. Use the doors to enter the main hall of the drenchfort. The drenchfort will be filled with stingers and other monsters. Fight them off in each area and then study the configuration of the area to solve the obstacle puzzles in each area of the drenchfort.

Darksiders 2 Drenchfort Main Hall

Darksiders 2 Drenchfort Main Hall - when facing the statue, go to the right sided area of the drenchfort first
Darksiders 2 Drenchfort Main Hall - when facing the statue, go to the right sided area of the drenchfort first

Drenchfort Main Hall

The Drenchfort main hall consists of a gargantuan statue in chains standing in what appears to be a series of water channels. The hero's task is to fill these dry channels with water. The Drenchfort main hall connects left, right and center to other areas of the drenchfort. The hero should find a series of ledges and bars and climb up and enter the area on the right side (the hero should be facing the front of the giant statue) of the Drenchfort main hall first.

Note: this right sided area of the drenchfort contains a chamber where the hero will face a crab like monster. Defeat this monster with wrath skills like harvest. The reward here will be a chest with more powerful scythes (at least for this particular horseman).

Solve the Drenchfort Ball Puzzle and Open the Gate

The hero needs to solve the ball puzzles and open the gate that will lead to the lever which will restore the water to one side of the channels in the drenchfort main hall. The hero needs to put two balls into the two craters on the ground to open the gate. This chamber also a chest which contains the dungeon map of the Drenchfort.

The first ball is pushed down from a platform which can only be accessed by skilfully running around the wall from a water filled area in this chamber.

Getting the second ball into the second crater is more challenging. First the hero needs to climb into the isolated area on the left of this chamber of two balls, and then follow the actions in this video.

With the two balls in the two crates, the iron grating will be lowered and the hero can proceed through the door into a corridor with some monsters and a stinger pod. Defeat them and open the door at the far end. Use the shadow bomb against the crystalline Corruption shards keeping the lever apart. Pull the lever and watch as water flows in the channels again.

Jump into the channels and go with the flow and return to the drenchfort main hall. Remember to swim against the flow and pick up some treasures from chests in this area.

When the hero is at the drenchfort main hall again, press Z (for PC) and use Dust the raven to guide you to the next stage of the drenchfort walkthrough.


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