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Darksiders 2 Tears of the Mountain Quest

Updated on August 20, 2012

Darksiders 2 Tears of the Mountain Quest

In Darksiders 2, the hero returns to Alya and informs her that the fire of the mountain has been restored. Obviously there is the next quest for the hero horseman Death as soon as the previous quest is done. Being one of the four horsemen, the hero reminds Alya he is not an errand boy. However, to complete the big task at hand, the hero reluctantly takes on the next quest - the Tears of the Mountain. Fire alone is not enough to make the forge work; it must have water too. Alya asks the hero to speak to Karn about the tears of the mountain.

Darksiders 2 Ride into the Shadow Gorge

Darksiders 2 Ride Despair into the Shadow Gorge
Darksiders 2 Ride Despair into the Shadow Gorge

Ask Karn about the Tears of the Mountain

Karn has moved on from the Cauldron since the hero's heroic efforts within. Now the hero must travel to the Stonefather's vale and move northwest. Karn will be at the entrance leading to the Shadow Gorge. Speak to Karn about the tears of the mountain and he will inform the hero to find the Drenchfort. Take the opportunity to speak to Karn about the Shaman's Craft Quest and he will tell the hero to seek out a mordant dew from the stingers.

The entrance to the shadow gorge (and the way to the Drenchfort) is blocked by a door with some non-volatile shadow bombs stuck to the top of it. These bombs are the orange bits on the door. Unfortunately, Corruption has sealed the door. When the hero completed the fire of the mountain quest, he was given Strifle's pistol - Redemption (by Alya). Aim Redemption at the shadow bombs and fire. The shadow bombs will explode and the crystalline Corruption shards will shatter, opening the passageway into the Shadow Gorge.

Defeat Shadow Gorge Monsters

On entering and traveling a short distance into the shadow gorge, the hero is besieged by monsters which include the stingers. Defeat them and collect a mordant dew. Remember to destroy the stingers pod; otherwise the stingers will keep coming out of the pod to attack the hero, and the hero cannot cope against overwhelming numbers of monsters.

Once the shadow gorge monsters at the entrance are defeated, return to Karn and be given the next part of the Shaman's Craft quest - obtain the Carven Stone from the Construct Sentinels.

Darksiders 2 Get to the Drenchfort

Darksiders 2 Get to the Drenchfort through the Shadow Gorge and then the Fjord
Darksiders 2 Get to the Drenchfort through the Shadow Gorge and then the Fjord

Darksiders 2 Find the Drenchfort

The journey to the Drenchfort continues. The hero must use Redemption and shoot at more non-volatile shadow bombs to reveal a wall and some ledges to climb onto. This wall will be on the left of the (shut) gate that leads to the Fjord.

Climb up and enter a chamber beyond. The doors of the chamber will shut and the hero will be ambushed by more stingers and other crawler monsters. Defeat them and the doors will open. Exit the door onto the other side, and jump down. The hero has reached the Fjord.

Bring up the map and see that the Fjord connects to the Drenchfort. The hero can take the fast way to the Drenchfort, or the slow way. There are many treasures hidden within the Fjord. The hero can slow down and take his time to explore for treasure, or he can simply ride Despair down the Fjord and arrive at the Drenchfort.

Once at the entrance to the Drenchfort, the hero should fast travel back to Tri-stone and replenish on supplies before entering the Drenchfort.


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