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Darksiders 2 Find the Skeleton Key in the Breach

Updated on September 6, 2012

Darksiders 2 Find the Skeleton Key in the Breach

In Darksiders 2, the Breach is the dungeon that lies between the Tree of Death and Serpent's Peak. The hero horseman Death needs to transverse the Breach and get to the next part of the main quest. However, there are two major obstacles within the Breach. One is the numerous skeletal monsters within the Breach. When these monsters have the hero surrounded in an inescapable room, then the fight becomes quite challenging indeed. The other and likely more frustrating obstacle is how to pull up the draw bridges to find the skeleton key in the chest. This will allow the hero to get past the Breach and into the Maw.

Darksiders 2 Find the Skeleton Key in the Breach

Darksiders 2 Find the Skeleton Key in the Breach by pulling up the draw bridges
Darksiders 2 Find the Skeleton Key in the Breach by pulling up the draw bridges

Darksiders 2 Get to the Breach

Following a chat with Absalom the fallen horseman, the hero will be sucked into the realm of death through the Tree of Death. In this realm, the hero will talk first to an elder goatman called Ostegoth. He is actually a merchant and will sell items including health and wrath potions to the hero. Fast travel back here to the tree of death if the hero is in dire need of health or wrath. The Tree of Death also acts as a multi-portal area allowing the hero to travel to the Forged Lands.

From the tree of death, travel down the lonely road. Use the map to pinpoint the location of the Breach. Defeat some low key skeletons here and then enter the Breach.

The Breach Walkthrough

The breach is composed of obstacles and stacked with monsters. Initially the hero needs to transverse some obstacles to get to an area where there are two panels on the ground. One of the panels will open a series of jagged spikes and reveal a wall on the right for the hero to transverse. As soon as the jagged spikes are removed, step off the panel and quickly glide across the wall before the spikes move back into position.

The hero will arrive at an area with a door that leads to a circular chamber and another skeletal locked door.

The Breach Defeat the Skeletal Warriors

The circular chamber looks like a gladiator chamber. And sure enough the doors are locked and skeletons emerge attacking the hero. Defeat the skeletons using a variety of wrath moves. The hero may have obtained some devastating add-ons to his Harvest move as he has levelled up. Use this here for great effects as the hero is often surrounded. Also remember to use the Murder wrath move if the hero has gotten this skill.

Once the skeletons are defeated, the doors will open. Well, except for the skeletal locked door outside the circular chamber. So the key here is to find the skeleton key to this door in the breach.

Pull Up the Draw Bridges to Get the Skeleton Key

One of the doors from the circular chamber will allow the hero to reach an area where there are two draw bridges. The first drawbridge is up, and the second draw bridge leading to the chest with the skeleton key is down. There is a slab knob to the left of the hero as he enters this area, with a shadow bomb nearby. If the slab knob is pushed down, then the first draw bridge will come down, and the second draw bridge will come up. The question is how to get the second draw bridge to come up whilst the hero gets beyond the first draw bridge. The solution to this question is presented here.

Once the skeleton key is obtained, head back via the series of obstacles (remember the first draw bridge is down and the hero cannot simply cross the chasm through this). Return to the circular room and unlock the skeletal locked door. Head into the next part of the Breach.

Darksiders 2 Get to the Maw

The next of the Breach involves getting through more obstacles and then defeating more skeletons. Eventually, the hero will reach a door in the final chamber in the Breach. Open this and get to the Maw and then to the arena.


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