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Darksiders 2 Initial Walkthrough

Updated on August 17, 2012

Darksiders 2 Initial Walkthrough

In Darksiders 2, the hero that takes center stage is one of the four horsemen Death. Death tries to free his brother and fellow horseman from the bonds of the Charred Council. The hero horseman must travel to the Veil and into the Veil to seek secrets from the Keeper of Secrets. This will provide an initial walkthrough in Darksiders 2 as the hero ventures through the Veil. It will provide a guide on the monsters encountered in the Veil and how to navigate the obstacles in the Veil to find the Keeper of Secrets.

Darksiders 2 Overcome Obstacles in the Veil

The hero horseman must overcome obstacles in the Veil to move on. The obstacles include walls to climb, vines to hold onto, ledges to reach out for and horizontal planks to swing from side to side. The hero must study the 3D configuration of the landscape in the veil and then find the easiest way to get to the other side beyond the seemingly impassable point.

Darksiders 2 Defeat Ice Giant

Darksiders 2 Ice Giant appears.
Darksiders 2 Ice Giant appears.

Darksiders 2 Defeat Ice Skeletons and the Ice Giant

The ice skeletons encountered in the Veil serve as training and target practice for the hero. Learn to execute single strikes and strike combos that are manifested as visual combat fighting candy on screen. Later the hero will reach an ancient city and learn more vicious and damaging melee combos from an ancient race.

As the hero proceeds deeper into the Veil, he will encounter the first mini-boss of the game - the Ice Giant. Although looking tall and mighty, the Ice Giant is easy to defeat. The key in defeating the ice giant is to use evade repeatedly when the hero senses the mighty weapon of the ice giant is about to hit the hero. Once evasion is done, counter the ice giant immediately with primary and secondary weapons.

Pick up the equipment that are dropped on the ground when these monsters are vanquished. Gold will be especially useful in purchasing and learning new melee combos, buying surprise and legendary equipment from Vulgrim and buying health and wrath potions. In addition, equipment such as greaves and powerful secondary weapons may be dropped onto the ground. Pick them up and equip them to increase the defense and fighting prowess of the hero.

Darksiders 2 Reach the Keeper of Secrets

After defeating the ice giant, the hero will reach a chamber and will have to push a slab knob into a wall to activate a lift platform. The rising platform will bring the hero to the top where more obstacles face the hero. Two vertical parallel climbing walls mean the hero must climb one and then jump and climb up the other. Navigate and survive more obstacles and face more ice skeletons. As the game progresses in the initial stages, the obstacles become harder and harder and are strung into combos to challenge the hero, but at this stage the hero should be able to get past these obstacles.

Finally, the hero will arrive to face the Keeper of Secrets, otherwise known as the Crowfather. The hero tries to negotiate with the Keeper for passage to the Tree of Life. But the Crowfather refuses passage and insist the hero takes his amulet away from him. Nobody can really successfully negotiate with the hero Death. The outcome is inevitable - a fight to get to the next stage of the darksiders 2 game.


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