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Darksiders 2 How to Defeat War

Updated on August 18, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat War

In Darksiders 2, the hero horseman Death confronts the Keeper of Secrets. The Crowfather teases Death and asks him if he truly believes that War was innocent in the purge of humanity. To support his case, War suddenly appears and makes his way towards Death menacingly. The hero must defeat War. This will guide the hero with tactics and basic melee move combos to defeat War and then claim the reward of this battle.

Darksiders 2 Defeat War

Darksiders 2 Death waits as War approaches...
Darksiders 2 Death waits as War approaches...

Darksiders 2 Scythe Move Attack

Darksiders 2 Scythe Attack - the Harvester Revenge move
Darksiders 2 Scythe Attack - the Harvester Revenge move

Darksiders 2 Use Tactics, Correct Weapons and Melee Combos to Defeat War

To facilitate an exciting, satisfying and visually appealing battle with War, the hero must understand the basics of melee combos available. To do this, for the PC game, press O and access the move list screen. The combinations at the beginning include the Scythes list (this is the primary weapon move) -

  • cross slash (click of left hand mouse button)
  • return slash
  • double slash
  • twin humanities
  • razor slash
  • razor wheel
  • razor strike
  • harvester revenge - this move is very useful and uses forward evade with a scythe attack.
  • crossover side saw
  • crossover special buzz saw
  • sky slash
  • sky cross
  • sky smash

The hero should arm himself with a heavy good secondary weapon that he has picked up along the way to finding the Keeper of Secrets. The heavy weapon moves include heavy slash, heavy double cross, power slam, crossover cyclone, crossover special hilt strike and falling star. With the right heavy secondary weapon and move, the damage created can be massive indeed.

To defeat War, Death must understand War's tactics. War is armed with a broadsword and can slice through the hero readily with a normal melee attack. However, War's arrogance and stride towards the hero makes him slow. In the second half of the battle, War can execute a spike strike attack, where an attack into the ground causes spikes to leap out from the ground impaling the hero. In addition, the hero must win the weapons face off in the middle of the battle; otherwise the hero's health will be reduced to about half.

The hero can put War down by using evade counter moves whenever War is about to attack. Because War's attacks are slow, it is easy to anticipate when he is about to strike. Roll away, and then counter with the above basic melee moves. It is also possible to spice up the battle by adding wrath moves to the moves list above. By repeatedly rolling aside, using a series of quick primary attack moves on War and then smashing him apart with a heavy secondary weapon blow, War will be defeated.

Darksiders 2 Reward for Defeating War

The reward for defeating War is the realization that this enemy is in fact not War. It is the Keeper of Secrets masquerading as the hero's brother in arms. As the Crowfather falls in defeat, the amulet will crack, sending a shaft towards Death. The shaft sticks to the hero, creating a green crystalline-like skin on the hero. And then the hero obtains Dust the raven as a guiding companion. The hero may proceed to the next part of the game, and Dust will serve as a guide. When the hero is stuck and undecided on where to go next, press Z on PC and Dust will show you the way.


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