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Darksiders 2 the Lost Temple Walkthrough

Updated on August 26, 2012

Darksiders 2 the Lost Temple Walkthrough

In Darksiders 2, the hero Death must enter the Lost Temple and defeat various monsters of increasing difficulty and fighting prowess. In addition, as the hero heads deeper into the lost temple, the complexity of the obstacles and puzzles becomes more difficult and the hero must increasingly think through the puzzles and use increasing game finesse to navigate the obstacles. This lost temple walkthrough will focus on the lost temple puzzles and monsters from about one third into the lost temple, after the titanic fight with the construct sentinels. In particular, it will guide the hero on how to solve the two golems obstacles puzzle and how to use various combinations of low level wrath skills, basic moves and weapons to defeat the monsters in the lost temple.

Darksiders 2 Two Golems Obstacles Puzzle

Use the second golem to bring the first golem up to the second floor with the elevator
Use the second golem to bring the first golem up to the second floor with the elevator

The Lost Temple Two Golems Obstacles Puzzle

Following the titanic and marathon fight, the hero will arrive at a series of parallel walls. The key for the first set of walls is to jump from one wall to another in a horizontal fashion without falling into the chasm below. The hero will then arrive at the second set of parallel walls. This one is easier and involves the hero jumping vertically from one wall to another. The hero will reach the top eventually and will arrive at a courtyard. Defeat the stingers here and proceed deeper into the lost temple.

The hero will arrive at an area with an elevator which cannot be operated from the ground level. A golem sits within this area outside the elevator platform. Activate the golem with the maker's key and then ride the golem into the elevator platform. Dismount from the golem.

Now use a series of ledges and bar and wall scaling abilities to get into the upper level of the elevator (there are only two levels). Explore the second level and spot a golem in this area. Activate and ride the golem to the crater near the second floor of the elevator. Once the orb of the golem is within the crater, the elevator platform will rise and the first golem will be transported to the second floor. Dismount from the second golem and go ride the first golem from the elevator platform.

Ride the first golem from the elevator platform and move the orb of the first golem into the crater that lies outside a raised gate on the second floor. The gate will be lowered. Now dismount from the first golem and go fetch the second golem from near the elevator.

Ride the second golem from near the elevator past the (now opened) gate. Turn right round two corners and park the second golem into the crater here. Spot an attachment point at the far end and launch the (second) golem chain into this attachment point. Now dismount from the second golem and jump into the pit below. Use the vines in the pit to climb back into the area near where the first golem was parked.

Now mount the first golem and travel straight ahead towards some crystalline structures. Smash this apart. Near this is a crater. Park the first golem in this crater, and the grating blocking the door in the far end will open. From the point of the parked first golem, spot some wooden poles on the wall.

Jump onto the first wooden pole. The second pole is too far to jump onto. The hero must instead jump onto the chain from the second golem. From the chain, jump onto the second pole. From the second pole, jump onto the platform leading to the door from this area. Open the door and go outside. The hero has completed the lost temple two golems obstacles puzzle.

Darksiders 2 the Lost Temple Walkthrough

Darksiders 2 the Lost Temple Map
Darksiders 2 the Lost Temple Map

Defeat the Monsters on the Lost Temple Roof

Once outside the door, the hero arrive on the roof of the lost temple. From here, the video gameplay will show the hero the series of obstacles on the wall Death has to transverse.

Defeat some constructs here and the hero is ready to overcome the obstacles. Scale the obstacles and arrive at the second roof of the lost temple. At this point, lots of crawler monsters and two stalkers will attack the hero sequentially. The hero may be out of health and wrath potions at this point. Use the evade tactics learned in the titanic fight to lengthen the fight and allow the wrath meter to fill up. Launch the Exhume wrath move to summon ghouls to help with the hero. When the monsters are distracted, use Redemption to accumulate damage on the monsters from a distance, or seize the opportunity to launch some mighty heavy weapon (eg the Masher of Karkinos weapon damage) on the monsters. These tactics are particularly useful for the fight against the two stalkers. The hero can also launch into reaper form and attempt to annihilate the stalkers with the reaper's scythe. Whatever means the hero uses, destroy the monsters and enter the lost temple through the door.

Get through the Lost Temple and Arrive at the Final Chamber

Beyond this door, the path is straightforward enough. Defeat more monsters. Study the 3D configuration of this area. Scale more obstacles, drop orb or ball from the high wall to the ground, put the orb into the crater and open the doors. Bring up the map and note that the hero is trying to reach the chamber on the extreme left on the map. The hero will know that he is near the door when he is attacked by two semi-giant constructs. Again, use similar tactics described above to defeat these monstrosities and the smaller constructs they can spawn.

Eventually, the hero will reach the final chamber of the lost temple. Only the boss construct remains...........


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