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Darksiders 2 the Cauldron

Updated on August 19, 2012

Darksiders 2 the Cauldron

Darksiders 2 the Cauldron - study the area around the obstacles to understand how to navigate the obstacles.
Darksiders 2 the Cauldron - study the area around the obstacles to understand how to navigate the obstacles.

Darksiders 2 the Cauldron Walkthrough

In Darksiders 2, the Cauldron is the first dungeon that the hero horseman Death has to transverse in the land of the makers. The Cauldron is the place where the hero hopes to restore the fire of the mountain. The Cauldron is littered with fiery seemingly impassable obstacles and monsters. This will guide the hero in navigating the major obstacles within the Cauldron and in defeating the monsters in this area.

The hero will enter the Cauldron proper by pushing a slab knob into the wall and allowing the door ahead to open. The mini-map on the screen will display a green line which indicates which door can be opened. Enter the next chamber and spot a shadow bomb in the chamber. Pick this up and press Q in PC version to activate the aiming mode. Throw the bomb into the slab knob on the wall. The door to the hero's right will open. Not surprisingly, the monsters in the Cauldron are constructs. Defeat the constructs using a combination of basic attack moves, new moves purchased from Thane and wrath attack skills.

The Cauldron walkthrough continues as the hero turns left from this area. There is a chest here which contains a dungeon map. This dungeon map is reminiscent of the old style rpg map, and will give the hero an idea of which area to explore next. From this area, go into a chamber with a stalker attacking some constructs. The stalker is the monster that has the stalker's bone. The hero should be smart and help the constructs attack the stalker, and leave the constructs for last when the stalker is defeated. When the stalker is dead, the hero will receive the stalker's bone and the hero can proceed to the next part of the Shaman's Craft quest by speaking to Karn.

Darksiders 2 the Cauldron Dungeon Map

Darksiders 2 the Cauldron Dungeon Map - use the map to guide the hero through the Cauldron
Darksiders 2 the Cauldron Dungeon Map - use the map to guide the hero through the Cauldron

Obstacles in the Cauldron

There are numerous obstacles in the Cauldron. These include locked doors which can only be opened by skeleton keys. These skeleton keys are contained within chests. Use the map and seek out the chests by overcoming various obstacles. One of the chest also contains a possessed weapon. A possessed weapon allows the owner to upgrade the weapon by sacrificing items to the weapon. Find the chests and overcome the obstacles within the Cauldron by actively looking for ledges and vines to climb onto.

There are three or so major obstacles within the Cauldron which the hero may need a bit of help to get through. The first will be an area where the hero will be surrounded by broken floors and lava. The key here is to get to the shadow bomb and hurl it against the slab knob on the wall. Find suitable ledges and vines on the wall to climb through and reach the bomb. When the slab knob is pushed in, a door will be unlocked allowing the hero to go further into the dungeon.

The second major obstacle comes in the form of two giant balls that the hero needs to push into two craters on the ground. The key here is to use the shadow bombs to free the balls. The balls are then pushed into the craters to allow the pattern on the floor to be lit. This will enable the hero to get the skeleton key needed to open the locked door in the dungeon.

The final major obstacle will require the hero to push in a slab knob to allow a small cauldron to be uplifted from the lava below. The hero must then shrewdly climb past the cauldron to get to the other side. Once on the other side of the cauldron, lean backwards to the left and jump.

By overcoming the obstacles and following the dungeon map, the hero will enter the chamber containing the Cauldron. Before that, the hero must take on the boss monster of the Cauldron.


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