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Darksiders 2 Defeat Gharn

Updated on August 19, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat Gharn

In Darksiders 2, the hero must defeat Gharn. Gharn is the boss monster construct that stands guard before the final chamber containing the fire of the mountain. Gharn is an abomination that can wield lots of damage with his mechanical weapons and moves. This will guide the hero and provide tactics how to defeat Gharn by avoiding his attacking moves and then moving in to unleash reaper damage and offensives on the monster construct. It will also guide the hero on how to move the fire of the mountain wheel at the end of the fight with Gharn to reignite the forge.

Darksiders 2 Defeat Gharn

Darksiders 2 Gharn fight - summon ghouls to help defeat Gharn whilst the hero is picking himself up from one of Gharn's devastating attack moves
Darksiders 2 Gharn fight - summon ghouls to help defeat Gharn whilst the hero is picking himself up from one of Gharn's devastating attack moves

Tactics to Defeat Gharn

To defeat Gharn, the hero must learn the tactics that Gharn employs to attack the horseman Death. Gharn has a series of moves that can potentially devastate the hero and bring him to his knees. The first is a chainsaw spike hand attack that will grip the hero and damage the hero before he has a chance to jump away. The second is a swirling yellow vortex of construct attack that will damage and repel the hero. The third is a heavy handed smash attack on the hero.

Although Gharn has a series of devastating moves, he does have vulnerabilities. Gharn can be distracted by necromantic minions that the hero summons. Summon ghouls to distract Gharn and then when he is distracted use semi-range moves such as Harvester Revenge to attack Gharn. The hero can also attack Gharn with other scythe moves when he is distracted. Throw in as many attacks as possible when Gharn is distracted, because the weak ghouls summoned at this early stage of the game do not last very long.

There also appears to be a stage when Gharn will kneel onto the ground and slow down. This is one of the most vulnerable stages of Gharn and the hero should use this opportunity to maximize attacks and damage on Gharn. If the hero has a possessed weapon from one of the chests in the Cauldron, then unleash the full might of this weapon onto Gharn at this point. Keep taking chunks of health from Gharn before he retaliates.

The terrain can also play a useful role in defeating Gharn. The fight takes place in a large chamber, so use evade (ALT on PC) to avoid Gharn when needed, particularly when he is about to unleash those moves described above. Use healing potions to restore health. The wrath skill and move Teleport can also be used to teleport into Gharn and heal up. It can also be used to teleport away from Gharn. Remember to smash the vases and other objects around the perimeter of this chamber. Some of these objects will reveal critically useful items like healing potions. This is crucial when the hero runs out of potions and is just running around the chamber hoping for a miracle to happen.

Note that before entering this chamber to attack Gharn, the hero can fast travel back to Tri-stone and purchase some healing and wrath potions for this fight. Fast travel will then allow the hero to come back to the Cauldron before the Gharn chamber.

The reward for defeating Gharn will be the Dark Avenger weapon.

Darksiders 2 Restore the Fire of the Mountain

Finally, with Gharn defeated, the hero can search the room for other rewards including one page of the book of the dead. The hero moves into the next chamber and can move the wheel of the Cauldron to lift the Cauldron above the lava and then restore the fire of the mountain. However the wheel of the Cauldron will get stuck at various points as the hero turns the wheel. The key here is to reverse the movement of the wheel when the wheel is stuck. For example, if the hero is pushing the wheel forwards, then push it back and it will move again. Repeat this technique until the Cauldron is fully lifted. The quest to restore the fire of the mountain has been completed. Congratulations!

It's now time to get water for the forge.


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