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Darksiders 2 the Psychameron

Updated on September 15, 2012

Darksiders 2 the Psychameron

In Darksiders 2, the hero must re-enter the Gilded Arena, and seek guidance in finding the Psychameron. The Psychameron appears to be a dungeon within the realms of Death but not physically connected to it on the map. Within the Psychameron, the hero must defeat more monsters and overcome obstacles to find his way to the third and final dead lord Basileus. This will guide the hero on how to solve the Psychameron puzzles and find Basileus.

Darksiders 2 the Psychameron

Darksiders 2 the Psychameron - solve the obstacles puzzles to delve deeper into this dungeon.
Darksiders 2 the Psychameron - solve the obstacles puzzles to delve deeper into this dungeon.

The gear Interdiction is one of the most used gear in the Psychameron, and the hero must master the use of this to navigate the Psychameron and reach the darkness that the last dead lord is hiding in.

Via the gilded arena, the hero enters the Psychameron and is immediately put into a fight with two stalkers. Use wrath moves, dodge tactics and powerful scythes and secondary weapons to defeat them.

Proceed through the gate after the battle, and notice an interdiction panel with two other panels left and right of this. Activate Interdiction. Position the hero to stand on the (flat) pillar in front of the interdiction panel, and command each of the two dead lords to go to the two other panels left and right of the interdiction panel. This will allow the pillar that the hero is standing on to rise and elevate the hero, allowing him to proceed to the next area.

Within the next area, the hero will find passageways left and right. The passageway right will lead the hero to a slab knob lying on the other side of an impassable chasm. The aim of the hero is to travel to this slab knob.

For the moment, turn left and command a dead lord to stand on the panel, causing a draw bridge to rise. Next, position the second dead lord on the second panel. This will allow the grating to rise and the hero to transverse past this obstacle.

Solve the Obstacles Puzzles in the Psychameron

Within this area (where there is a locked skeletal key), activate interdiction, and then spot a panel far away from the hero. Command a dead lord to go there. There is another panel (intially hidden) opposite this first panel. Use this video to guide the hero to the lower reaches of the Psychameron.

The idea here is to descend to an area with three slab knobs and then activate them in the correct order to get the skeleton key. Now retrace your steps to the area with the locked skeletal door and unlock this. Proceed on.

The next area within the Psychameron presents more obstacles. Again, activate Interdiction and command a dead lord to stand on the panel near the interdiction panel. Next command the second dead lord to move to the other panel far away. This will cause the gate opposite the panel to open, allowing the hero to carry on deeper into the Psychameron.

There are more obstacles within the Psychameron for the hero to overcome after these series of obstacles. However, at this level of hero obstacles puzzles solving, these obstructions are no longer a challenge for the hero, and he should be able to breeze through these hindrances. The hero will eventually arrive at the slab knob mentioned above. He should scale the wall on the left and reach the slab knob. Push this in to open the gate on the left. Proceed onwards.

It's time for a showdown with the last dead lord and his spider pet.


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