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Darksiders 2 Judicator's Tomb

Updated on September 13, 2012

Darksiders 2 Judicator's Tomb

In Darksiders 2, the hero travels to Judicator’s Tomb to recruit the second dead lord. Open up the map and head for Judicator’s Tomb. At this level, the hero should have no problems getting to Judicator’s Tomb. However, the main challenges will be overcoming the obstacles and puzzles within Judicator’s Tomb. These puzzles have to be solved by using the new gear Interdiction. This will guide the hero on how to overcome the obstacles, solve the puzzles and defeat the monsters in Judicator’s Tomb. It will include how to find and get the first soul for Judicator.

Enter Judicator’s Tomb And Use Interdiction

On entering Judicator’s Tomb, the hero is faced with the first Interdiction puzzle – a lever sealed within a circular cage. Go onto the interdiction portal stones (picture interdiction portal stones) and activate interdiction (on PC, choose interdiction from the wheel of skills and wrath moves and click on the center mouse button to activate interdiction). Now head back to the circular cage and point the interdiction wrist band at the panel. The dead lord will be commanded to head there to activate the lever. The grating over the main exit door in this area will open and the hero can go through.

Overcome Obstacles and Solve Puzzles in Judicator’s Tomb

The obstacles and puzzles then become more complex, although not very much so. The next chamber beyond the door allows the hero to turn left and right. If the hero heads forwards, he will drop into a pit and have to climb back up again.

The hero should turn right and go into the next room to defeat some monsters. These look like undead crawler beasts and skeletons. Defeat them and activate the lever. Within the pit, one pillar will rise near the hero’s end. Now head to the interdiction portal stones and activate interdiction. Notice a panel beyond the hero on the other side of the pit. Command the dead lord to head there and rest on the portal in stone form. The second pillar will rise (away from the hero’s end).

Now jump into the pit and move a movable pillar to the center in between the two pillars that have been raised. Climb out of the pit and move to the first pillar. Jump onto the movable pillar. From the movable pillar, use deathgrip to grapple the hero to a position near the dead lord. Now head through the door on the other side of the pit.

Talk to Judicator

The hero will arrive at an arena where Judicator the dead lord presides. Here Judicator will listen to the pleas of the souls. In this case, the hero will ask him to return to the Lord of Bones. Judicator agrees, but only if the hero returns to him the three lost souls. The first soul can be found somewhere in the dungeon to the right of the hero when facing Judicator.

Find the First Soul

The hero should head past the door and arrive at a chamber. This is the usual “trapped” chamber in DS2, where the doors will be locked and the hero will have to engage in battle against monsters. New monsters are introduced this time. They are the ghostly witch summoner and her ghostly minions. The witch carries a vase, no doubt used to trap ghosts and then subjugate them to her cause. Once the witch and her ghosts are defeated, the hero can carry on.

Solve the Green Lantern Puzzle in Judicator’s Tomb

The hero will arrive at an area with platforms. There is a central platform that the hero needs to access, so activate Interdiction and command the dead lord to stand on the panel. The draw bridge will rise and allow the hero to get to the central platform. On the central platform, the hero will notice a green lantern statue, but without the green lantern. The idea here is obvious – the hero needs to look for a green lantern, put it on the statue and rotate the green beacon ray so that it shines onto the right plate.

On the central platform, rotate the hero and notice there is a fallen draw bridge with some crystalline structures on it. Beyond this draw bridge is a panel. Command the dead lord to stand on this second panel, and the draw bridge will rise. However, only the one on the hero’s side will rise completely. The other half of the draw bridge will be blocked by the crystalline structure. No matter – head onto the first part of the draw bridge and use deathgrip (on the dead lord) to propel one onto the other platform.

On this platform, the hero will see a green lantern lying beyond a chasm. Grab that using deathgrip and put it down near the hero. Now grab the shadow bomb that lies in this area. Throw it at the crystalline structure to destroy it. The second half of the draw bridge will be released. Pick up the green lantern and head back to the central platform.

On the central platform, put the green lantern onto the statue and rotate the green lantern statue so that the green beacon ray will cause the exit to be opened. Command the dead lord to stand on the final panel to allow the final draw bridge to rise. Go past the draw bridge and exit from this area.

Darksiders 2 Get the First Soul

Darksiders 2 Get the First Soul by defeating the monsters at the top of the tower.
Darksiders 2 Get the First Soul by defeating the monsters at the top of the tower.

Get to and Get the First Soul for Judicator

The hero will arrive at a chamber with a pool of water lying below. The pool of water contains a relic which can be sold to Ostegoth. Now transverse the obstacles here and get to the top. The first soul can be found here. However, nothing in DS2 comes without a fight, so as the hero grabs the first soul, monsters appear. Defeat them and return to Judicator with the first soul.


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