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Dead Space 2 Arsenal

Updated on January 28, 2011

Dead Space 2 Weapons Arsenal

Dead Space 2 Weapons Arsenal
Dead Space 2 Weapons Arsenal

Dead Space 2 Weapons Arsenal

In the dead space 2 video game, there are a variety of weapons that Issac Clarke can use in the game, making up an impression dead space 2 weapons arsenal. In the first stage of the game, Issac will eventually make his way to a bay that contains a variety of dead space 2 weapons arsenal storage that he can buy with the credits that he has picked up so far.

Each dead space 2 weapon has a broad category, followed by some tweaking that make it better or worse in terms of speed and damage compared to other dead space 2 weapons. Each dead space 2 weapons has 2 settings - a standard setting and an alternative setting.

Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter

The dead space 2 plasma cutter is the first dead space 2 weapon that Issac obtains in the experimental bay as he tries to free a prisoner from the dead space 2 necromorphs. The dead space 2 plasma cutter allows Issac to fire off shots at the necromorphs. Alternatively, use an angled alternative attack to sever the limbs of dead space 2 necromorphs.

Dead Space 2 Pulse Rifle

The dead space 2 pulse rife is a dead space 2 weapon that fires off a pulse which hits several enemies at once. It is for mass attack. The alternative setting for dead space 2 pulse rifle allows Issac to ulitize it as a grenade launcher, again against massive number of enemies.

Dead Space 2 Flame Thrower

The Dead Space 2 Flame Thrower is pretty self-explanantory - it throws a flame attack at the enemy at short range. Good for players who love challenging close range attacks. The alternative setting allows the player to throw a canister which is a short range attack, and explodes on hitting the target.

Dead Space 2 Detonator Mines

Dead Space 2 Detonator Mines is a form of attack that allows the player to deploy sensor - activated mines that explode when necromorphs advance to that position. It is especially useful for multiplayer games, and can also be deactivated for storage and use later.

Dead Space 2 Contact Beam

The dead space 2 contact beam has 2 attacks - one that focuses the energy of the contact beam onto an enemy. The other causes a mass effect of producing wide area damage to enemies.

Dead Space 2 Ripper

The dead space 2 ripper is really a fancy name for a circular saw that rotates really fast and can be used to cut down necromorphs. If close range combat is not your style, instead use the alternative weapon style to project blades that eject from the weapon.

Dead Space 2 Line Gun

The dead space 2 line gun is fun to use. It's used ideally in corridors where one has lots of necromorphs lumbering towards you. In the standard attack, it sends a beam to the first enemy and through the back into the next enemy and so on. The dead space 2 line gun alternative attack is even better. It sends off a blast that does not detonate immediately. It has a timer and sets off at a later time, sending necromorphs that lumber into that area into oblivion.

Dead Space 2 Javelin Gun

The dead space 2 javelin gun can be used to target necromorphs and then pin down to the walls or ceiling with a javelin. The alternative attack uses electricity attack at the end for a stunning effect.

Dead Space 2 Seeker Rifle

The dead space 2 seeker rifle is really a sniper weapon. For the Issac Clarkes that like to shoot at range. The alternative attack uses a telescope magnifying attack that magnifies the target necromorph even more.

Dead Space 2 Force Gun

The dead space 2 force gun is a kinetic attack that moves objects against the necromorphs, targeting them. The alternative attack is a force beam that can be used to rip entanglements from the necromorphs.

The effects of these dead space 2 weapons are fantastic in action, and a viewing pleasure. Combinations or combos of these dead space 2 weapons can be used by Issac Clarke with great results.


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