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Dead Space 3 Chapter 10 Excavation Headquarters

Updated on February 15, 2013

Dead Space 3 Chapter 10 Now You Know

In Dead Space 3, Isaac finally arrives at the Excavation Headquarters and reunites with his crew. Amidst the joyous occasion, Isaac is informed that he must find the experiment facility within the excavation headquarters. This is Chapter 10 Now You Know. This will guide Isaac as he attempts to find the experiment facility.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 10 Now You Know

Dead Space 3 Chapter 10 - unitologists arrive on Tau Volantis. Isaac uses different tactics and weapons against the unitologists.
Dead Space 3 Chapter 10 - unitologists arrive on Tau Volantis. Isaac uses different tactics and weapons against the unitologists.

Dead Space 3 Locate the Experiment Facility

Explore the command center and get all the items that Isaac needs before going out to reunite with the crew. This is important because as Isaac will be separated from the crew again. Alone, Isaac must counter the old new threat on the planet – the arrival of the Unitologists. The unitologists do not fight with claws and tentacles; they fight with ranged weapons. So grab the heavy shotgun and grenade launcher combo weapon and start taking down the unitologists.

Once the first set of unitologists are defeated, go forth and search the compound for the exit. Go through the exit and there will be another set of suit kiosk and weapons bench. Remember to grab your favourite weapons and load up on ammo, stasis packs and healing packs before leaving. Here’s a hint – get as much ammo, stasis packs and healing packs as possible.

Now, in this room, go through the exit and go down a long corridor to find more unitologists. This time, it’s a three way battle between Isaac, the unitologists and necromorphs. Defeat them all and proceed to the end of the long corridor to find the final exit. This exit will take the hero to a storage area

As Isaac enters the storage, look back to find a necromorph waiting to sneak attack the hero. Defeat it first before it can harm the hero. Turn around and explore the short passage.

Now follow the path until the hero reaches a ladder going downwards. Descend into the compound outside and take on more unitologists. Defeat the unitologists from cover and then proceed inside a tent to continue.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 10 Tent Entrance and Exit

Look for this sort of tents to look for the entrance and exit to the various sections in Dead Space 3 Chapter 10.
Look for this sort of tents to look for the entrance and exit to the various sections in Dead Space 3 Chapter 10.

The exit will take the hero to a chamber where some kind of necromorph head parasite will take control of the dead unitologists and reanimate their bodies. Defeat them all and reach for the door past these monsters. Note that the head parasites must be destroyed even after the bodies they inhabit have been annihilated.

Beyond this exit and outside down a snowy slope, Isaac will encounter more unitologists, necromorphs and head parasites. Take them all down and find an electrical engineering interface. Complete the puzzle and the door will open.

Head inside – Isaac will reach the Coring Platform. Activate an engine here to bring electricity to this area. Before going to the coring platform itself, use the weapons bench to load up on as much stasis packs, health packs and ammo as allowed.

Dead Space 3 Unblock the Drill

When Isaac enters the coring platform, he realizes that the giant drill is blocked. Isaac will attempt to use kinesis to unblock the drill. This part is easy. What is unexpected and really quite difficult is that the drill will become alive and rotate around the coring platform attacking Isaac. Isaac must survive this mechanical monstrosity.

It is quite easy to defend against the drill initially. The drill will rotate around the coring platform. Use stasis to freeze it and attack the core of the drill. Run away from the drill and freeze it again. Then defeat the necromorphs around the drill, freeze the drill again and continue repeating this until the first stage of the drill attack is done.

Then it's time for the second stage of the drill attack. This time, the drill rotates around the coring platform relentlessly. The attack of the necromorphs will be relentless as well. Faced with both attacks, the hero is helpless. The only way to defend against this is back up against one of the alcoves in the platform and then use a force gun to repel the necromorphs. They will be pushed to the drill. At the same time, the drill cannot touch the hero. Once all the zombie necromorphs are gone, freeze the drill and shoot at its core. Eventually the drill will be defeated, and the hero can move on.


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