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Dead Space 3 Chapter 5 Terra Nova

Updated on February 12, 2013

Dead Space 3 Chapter 5 Terra Nova Fore Section Walkthrough

In Dead Space 3 Chapter 5, the hero must reach the mid-section of Terra Nova. Actually, Isaac wants to reach the aft-section of the Terra Nova, but numerous events force him to be delayed in the fore-section of the Terra Nova. This is Chapter 5 Expect Delays. This will guide the hero on how to reach the small shuttle from the CMS Roanoke, and then navigate the dark corridors of the Terra Nova to reach the aft-section of the Terra Nova.

Dead Space 3 Get to the Terra Nova

Aim for this small station to get to the small shuttle that will bring Isaac to the Terra Nova
Aim for this small station to get to the small shuttle that will bring Isaac to the Terra Nova

Dead Space 3 Get to the Fore-Section Controls of the Terra Nova

From the exit of the Roanoke (where the hero had to pilot the crate into the ancient ship), look ahead to see an oxygen cylinder. Then look further ahead to see a small oxygen refueling station in the distance. There is a small shuttle to the right of the oxygen tanks. This small shuttle will take the hero to the Terra Nova (and other space ships within this floatilla). So jettison towards this small station and get into the small space shuttle.

With the HUD on the small shuttle, set the destination for Terra Nova and pilot the space shuttle towards the spaceship. Dock within the Terra Nova and then explore the fore-section of the ship.

Navigation through the fore-section will be fairly linear. Within the fore section, there will be several events of importance (apart from defeating necromorphs in this part of the ship).

First, the hero will encounter a scavenger bot. This small little bot will crawl around the compartments when released and bring back spare parts to the weapons bench.

Later, as the hero travels around, he will encounter a necromorph “stuck” to the wall. Make sure to defeat this wall necromorph thoroughly before moving on, as it will continuously spit out small spider necromorphs and then launch an explosive attack at the hero if he gets too close.

The hero will eventually reach the bridge where he will discover that the Terra Nova consists of three sections – the fore-section, the mid-section and the aft=section. The ultimate aim is to reach the aft-section, but things are never that easy for Isaac.

Move out of the bridge and find a way to the fore section controls. The hero will reach the fore-section controls of the tram that will take him to the aft-section, but the controls are stuck.

So find a way to the room that will allow the hero to move the crates and allow the tram to move again. In this room, the hero will encounter lots of necromorphs. Defeat them and then use the controls to unblock the tram line. The last crate contains a regenerating necromoph. Move the crate out of the way and then prepare for a nasty battle to get into the tram.

Dead Space 3 Wait for the Tram to Arrive

Head back to the fore-section controls and run through the corridors, avoiding the regenerating necromorphs where possible. Go into the fore-section control room and activate the tram controls. Just as the hero reaches for the tram control, a necromorph will emerge and attack the hero. And the regenerating necromorph will attack the hero from behind. Use stasis to freeze the regenerating necromorph. Whilst waiting for the tram to arrive, the hero will be attacked by increasing numbers of necromorphs. The tactics are the same – freeze the regenerating necromorphs and then defeat the other necromorphs. Keep running around the room and repeating the tactics, whilst waiting for the tram to arrive.

If the hero runs out of ammunition, one technique is to reload the game so that the hero lands outside the fore-station control room. Then head back to the weapons bench towards the left of the corridor and construct more consumable items ie ammo and health packs with spare parts. Then head back to the fore-station control room, hold off the monsters and wait for the tram to arrive.

Once the tram arrives, run into it and press the aft-section button. Or the hero can do an optional mission at the mid-section of the Terra Nova.


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