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Dead Space 3 Cliffs of Volantis

Updated on February 19, 2013

Dead Space 3 Climb the Cliffs of Volantis

The Cliffs of Volantis are no practice grounds for the novice mountain climber.
The Cliffs of Volantis are no practice grounds for the novice mountain climber.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 13 Reach for the Sky

In Dead Space 3 Cliffs of Volantis, Isaac must attempt to reach for the sky by scaling the mountains of Tau Volantis. This is Chapter 13 of Dead Space 3. In Isaac’s life, climbing a mountain is not just ascending vertically from point A to B. The cliffs of Volantis are fraught with dangers – necromorphs, heavy objects falling onto Isaac, and the return of the giant insect necromorph. This will guide Isaac on how to avoid the above dangers and reach for the sky and then provide tactics on how to defeat the annoying necromorph for the third and final time.

Dead Space 3 Climb the Cliffs of Volantis

First Isaac will go through some necromorphs after (accidentally) putting down his relationship nemesis Norton. Next, he will reach the first weapons bench in Chapter 13. Remember to create lots of stasis packs and health packs here. Then he will proceed on to reach the remaining crew of Carver, Santos and Ellie.

From then on, Isaac must climb the Cliffs of Volantis four times. Each time, Isaac will face greater and greater dangers when climbing. After each climb, Isaac will face more necromorphs or some kind of puzzle.

The most difficult climb is the last climb (4th climb) before the boss fight. Here Isaac should start climbing right and then use stasis on a large rock falling onto him. Then go left to avoid this and see another large rock to the left of Isaac. Freeze it twice and then when the crate (next to the rock) moves to the right, freeze it twice and then climb up in that narrow passageway between the large rock (on the left) and the crate (on the right).

Upon reaching the top, Isaac must activate a lift using kinesis and then divert power from the lights to the lift. The controls should look like this.

Dead Space 3 Reach for the Sky

Help Isaac's crew reach for the sky in chapter 13 by putting the right controls to get the lift up the cliffs of Volantis.
Help Isaac's crew reach for the sky in chapter 13 by putting the right controls to get the lift up the cliffs of Volantis.

Dead Space 3 Defeat the Insect Necromorph For the Final Time

When the lift reaches the top, the large insect necromorph strikes. Santos is sacrificed. Isaac falls to the ground below and the final battle to defeat the insect necromorph begins.

Here the key to defeat the necromorphs for the final time is different from the first two battles. Isaac should arm himself with a weapon that can deal with the surrounding minion necromorphs fast. This could be a flamethrower and can be used at close range against the minion necromorphs swarming around Isaac whilst the giant insect necromorph waits to lunge at Isaac.

Next, Isaac must have lots of ammo clips, health packs and stasis packs. When Isaac is at the first or second weapons bench, craft lots of these consumable items.

Defeat the annoying minion necromorphs and then run around the large rock in the center of the battlefield. Use the rock as a shield to create a barrier and space between Isaac and the insect necromorph.

When behind the rock, spot the engine of a harpoon gun around the battlefield. Use stasis on the insect necromorph and run to use kinesis on the engine. When the harpoon gun lasers are activated, lure the monster to the center of the beam. When the monster is trapped, keep hitting F (PC version) or the equivalent on the console version until the harpoon guns tear the insect necromorph apart.

Now head up the final cliffs of Volantis to rendezvous with Ellie and Carver and prepare to learn the truth behind the science of the Dead Space series.


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