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Deus Ex Human Revolution Defeating Hyron

Updated on September 26, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Hyron

Deus Ex Human Revolution Hyron
Deus Ex Human Revolution Hyron

Deus Ex Human Revolution Defeating Hyron

In deus ex human revolution, Hyron is the final boss which will stand in the way between Jensen and victory. Hyron is a computer construct that is constructed to be connected to the human brain and be controlled by the human brain. It really is the ultimate human augment. To defeat Hyron, Jensen must employ various techniques and use up all the Praxis points to become the ultimate human augment. First before fighting this final boss fight, Jensen is advised to finish all the quests including persuading Hugh Darrow to give up the computer code (2012) for this fight and finding both David Sarif and William Taggart before trying to defeat Hyron. There is no turning back from this point onwards.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Who is Hyron

In deus ex human revolution, Hyron is inert until Jensen's ultimate nemesis Zhao Yun Ru decides to attach herself to Hyron. Naturally, the whole situation gets out of control as Zhao is taken over by Hyron. Before entering the main chamber of Hyron, remember to pick up all the ammunition that Jensen needs to fight off Zhao and Hyron. These include the laser rifle from the Harvester Hideout, and the plasma rifle from defeating Jaron Namir the Snake.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Hyron Central Terminal

Deus Ex Human Revolution Deactivating Hyron Central Terminal
Deus Ex Human Revolution Deactivating Hyron Central Terminal

Deus Ex Human Revolution Deactiviting the Central Portion of Hyron

In deus ex human revolution, defeating Hyron involves several stages. First up is to deactivate the central portion of Hyron. This is protected by three turrets which are swung in a circle above the central portion, and looking for Jensen. Use the barriers as cover and proceed slowly to the central portion. Then make a run for the central portion of Hyron, and hide from turret fire by encroaching just inside the pods areas. Then just make your way slowly around the central portion until Jensen reaches the central terminal, and inputs the code 2012 to deactivate the central portion.

There are other ways to deactivate the central portion, including full firepower and destroying the pods. The other way is to hack into three other terminals in the circular periphery of the central portion to deactivate the turrets, but it requires very fast hacking and a lot of damage from the turrets.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Plasma Rifle

Deus Ex Human Revolution Plasma Rifle vs Bot
Deus Ex Human Revolution Plasma Rifle vs Bot

Deus Ex Human Revolution Jensen vs the Horde

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen faces against the hordes of mad soldiers and guards and mindless bots in the second part of the Hyron battle. The way to defeat the hordes of mad guards and mindless bots is really very simple. First read through the ultimate Augment page. Next go to a section of the room where there is a weak wall. Smash through this, and go inside, and just wait for the hordes to pour out. After the hordes pour out, the floor will be charged with electricity which will destroy the hordes of guards and some of the bots. This will keep repeating until a certain stage when all is quiet. Go outside and find all the guards down and out. Finish off the remaining bots with the plasma rifle.

Next go into the storerooms where the mad guards have come from, and obtain some ammunition. This most important one is the laser rifle ammunition.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Jensen vs Zhao

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen now must detach Zhao from the machine. Zhao is protected by a glass panel. This is where science and technology know-how comes into play. The glass screen panel will shield all forms of attacks, except the laser beam. So bring out the laser rifle (hope Jensen still has some ammunition left), aim and fire.

Zhao is detached from the machine, and victory belongs to Jensen. Hyron is defeated.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Endgame

In deus ex human revolution, once Hyron is defeated, it is the end of the game. Or is it?

Proceed to the next room, and find Eliza Cassan on the channel. She speaks to Jensen, giving him two choices - allow human evolution to proceed on its own, or with the help of augmentation. Save the game, make your choice and watch the final cinematic cut scenes for the deus ex human revolution endgame.

Or is it the end? Wait a second......... finish watching the credit list....... and one may be inspired to answer the following question. Till the DLC and the next deus ex game..........

Deus Ex Human Revolution


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