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Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Hengsha Court Gardens

Updated on September 9, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Hengsha Court Gardens

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into Hengsha Court Gardens
Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into Hengsha Court Gardens

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Hengsha Court Gardens

In deus ex human revolution, after the FEMA facility mission, the next stag of the deus ex revolution game is to head to Shanghai and trying to get into the hengsha court gardens, and extracting information about the hacker.

Naturally the route into the Hengsha Court Gardens is blocked some guards from some security force. The way into the Hengsha Court Gardens has to be found elsewhere. Head back from the blockage to the next alley and there is a ladder leading up from the streets. Climb up the ladder and then jump across some metal roof plates and barrels. Eventually Jensen will reach the roof of the Hengsha Court Gardens. Turn left, crouch and hide behind the low pillars to prevent unwanted attention from the guards. There will be a crack on the wall somewhere here. Use strong push to smash the wall. Beyond this, here is a small crawlway somewhere. Crawl into this passageway and emerge onto the elevator shaft interior.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Inside the Hengsha Court Gardens Elevator Shaft

Once inside the elevator shaft, the way onwards is to climb up. However, the astute player may want to climb down instead to find a Praxis at the bottom of the elevator shaft. By this time, the player may have collected some praxis points (about five or six) that have not been used. One can now tailor these praxis points carefully to create the ultimate augment Jensen.

Anyhow pick up the praxis and continue climbing up until one cannot climb anymore.To the right of this top level is a pile of boxes with the chinese character "Fortune". Climb to the top of this pile of boxes and emerge onto another level within the elevator shaft. There is another shaft or crawlway here. Crawl through this, and reach within metres of the room that contains the data for the search for the hacker.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Hengsha Court Gardens Target Computer

Deus Ex Human Revolution Hengsha Court Gardens Target Computer
Deus Ex Human Revolution Hengsha Court Gardens Target Computer

Deus Ex Human Revolution Hengsha Court Gardens Interior

Once in the corridor of the hengsha court gardens that lead to the room containing the designated computer, crouch and stealth along the walls to discover two guards standing guard to the left of the crawlway. Wait for one of the guards to approach and take him down. Then sneak up on the other guard and take him down too. Next, enter the room on the right, and hide behind the kitchen wall. There are three guards in the room. Move and take out the furthest guard first. Hide the body of the this guard behind the sofa. Then return to the kitchen. When one of the remaining two guards reach the kitchen, sneak behind him and take him out. The last guard at this stage should be no problem at all.

Head back to the furthest room. There is a breach in the wall. Climb through this. The computer in front is the computer that contains the hacker's information. Hack through this (quite easy at this stage), and then head back out of Hengsha Court Gardens. There are various ways to do this. Either try all guns blazing your way out, or just go back out the same way Jensen came in.

Next stage - entering the Hive, finding the Hung Hua Hotel and the Alice Garden Pods mission.

Deus Ex Human Revolution and an upcoming modern classic


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