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Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Out of Alice Garden Pods

Updated on September 10, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Out of Alice Garden Pods

In deus ex human revolution, the alice garden pods is a hotel apartment complex in Lower Hengsha in Shanghai 2027, where residents sleep in pods in the apartment. The Alice Garden Pods complex is locked down in the deus ex human revolution game after soldiers track down the location of the hacker Van Bruggen to the alice garden pods, and storm the complex hoping to capture him. Naturally, Jensen is talking to the hacker Van Bruggen at that time, and is also locked down and then has to find a way out of the alice garden pods.

To find a way out of the alice garden pods, first know that the alice garden pods complex in deus ex human revolution is divided into several storeys. Each level is now guarded by soldiers; take down the soldiers in each level before proceeding on. There is really no need for stealth in this particular mission, because the soldiers are already alarmed. Therefore take time to go into cover and (if playing on PC) long press Q to take down the soldiers. Start at the second level and proceed to the third level. Once the soldiers in these two levels are gone, go down to the first level or ground floor. There are many more soldiers here. Tactics are needed - first on the way down from the stairs, head right and hide behind a long counter. Wait for soldiers to come into this area, and stealth attack him until they are all gone. Alternatively, go into this fight all guns blazing. The reward for this stage is to collect a heavy rifle. Once all the guards are gone, head downstairs - the basement, and look for a crawlway to make your way into the next corridor. There are more guards in this level, so be careful. Take them out if you want. To bypass the guards, just use the outside corridor and smash through a few walls. There will be two guards which need to be taken out because they are blocking the way. Eventually Jensen will reach a shower area with two corridors - one filled with electricity and one filled with motion mine detectors. Jensen should probably take the one filled with electricity. Use two crates to create a walkway above the electricity, and then head into the exit. This concludes the deus ex human revolution getting out of alice garden pods mission.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Tai Yong Medical Lower Levels.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Entering the Hive

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, prior to being trapped within the alice garden pods and having to get out, Jensen needs to enter the hive nightclub. To do so, pay up 1000 credits and Jensen will be able to enter the nightclub. If Jensen does not have the money, it's time to do some side quests, including the quest to rescue Ning obtained from the Hung Hua Hotel.

Once inside the hive nightclub, go speak to the real bartender for small talk. For the real mission, head upstairs and talk to the "manager". The manager can be convinced to reveal the whereabouts of Tong and the hacker Van Bruggen by using the combinations "Advise", "Pinpoint" and "Pinpoint" in the conversation. This will also earn Jensen some achievements and the silver tongue experience reward. Once the tongue is loosened, the manager asks Jensen to go downstairs and out through a side alley and Tong will be waiting. Head downstairs to speak to Tong.

It really comes as no surprise that the manager is actually Tong. Tong reveals he has hidden Van Bruggen at the Alice Garden Pods. Head over to the alice garden pods.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting the Smart Card from Hung Hua Hotel

The way around Hengsha in Shanghai 2027 is quite easy. Just follow the signs and map and one should not get lost. When entering the Alice Garden Pods for the first time, Malik (Jensen's helijet pilot) will ask him to track down the evidence behind her best friend's death in Shanghai. Accept this quest and perhaps a possible relationship angle will open up between Malik and Jensen.

Head upstairs and locate Van Bruggen. He opens up and tells Jensen the organization behind the attacks on Sarif Industries and the CEO of the organization behind the planned attacks. Van Bruggen asks Jensen to go to the Hung Hua Hotel to retrieve a smart card, so he can alter the biometrics on the smart card, and allow Jensen to infiltrate this organization.

Head to the Hung Hua Hotel, and go upstairs (following the X sign) until Jensen reaches the second door. Do not enter the room through the third door. Instead use the second door and the second room to reach the balcony and use the balcony to access the third room. Advance into the room, and hide behind the room cover, and reach out and retrieve the smart card.

Head back to Alice Garden Pods and tell the hacker the good news. He will fashion a new biometric card for Jensen. Following this, Alice Garden Pods will be attacked, and it's time to look for a way out.


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