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Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into the Police Station Interior

Updated on September 19, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into the Police Station Interior

The next stage in the deus ex human revolution game is to try to get into the police station interior to access the morgue. There are two main ways to get into the police station interior. Before getting into the police station interior, Jensen has to get to the police district precinct. To do this, head up the stairs from the Sarif Industries office, and enter the subway station. Go through the station and into the police district precinct.

Deus Ex Human Revolution talking your way past the receptionist

One of the ways to get into the police station is to talk your way past your ex-colleague Haas, now working as a receptionist at the desk of the police station reception. Haas is still blaming Jensen for events of the past which are still haunting him. To get past his demons, use the following tactics in the conversation - "Absolve", "Plead", "Absolve" and "Absolve". Then go on into the police station interior.

Deus Ex Human Revolution sneaking into the police station interior

In the game deus ex human revolution, another way of getting into the police station interior is to sneak your way in. This could be because Jensen wants another Ghost bonus experience, or it could be because Jensen has offended the receptionist Wagner to the point where he just refuses to talk to Jensen again.

Either way, head to the back of the police station alley. There are two crates to pick up. One of them is inside a door on the right at the end of the alleyway where some people are congregating by a fire. The other crate is to the left of these people. Pick up these crates, one at a time, and pile them one on top of another just in front of the fence in the side of the police station alley where there are two rubbish bins (immovable). When the guard that keeps coming into the alley is not looking, jump onto the top of the two crates, climb over the fence and proceed to find the manhole that leads into the sewers.

Once in the manhole and in the sewers, just walk around until you reach a ladder going into a second manhole. Climb out of the second manhole and Jensen will reach a police station back door. Jensen will need security hack level 3 to access this. Or the code is 2599. There is a third manhole which will access the main streets in this precinct. Be aware of this.

Once beyond this door, there will be a laser panel which will block Jensen's path. Either hack through this, or use the code 7366 to get past the laser barrier. And Jensen is in the police station interior, within inches of entering the morgue and retrieving the hacker augment's data and equipment.

Once the hacker augment's data is obtained from the morgue, head back to Jensen's apartment and then begin the infiltrating the derelict row quest.

Next, combining this quest with the Cassandra Reed Motherly Ties quest and getting past first floor, second floor and third floor of the deus ex human revolution police station.


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