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Deus Ex Human Revolution Malik Quest

Updated on June 3, 2019

Deus Ex Human Revolution Malik Quest

In deus ex human revolution, Malik the helijet pilot approaches Jensen for help after Jensen enters the Alice Garden Pods. She says that her best friend has died, and that it was a suicide according to the autopsy report. She does not believe this. She asks Jensen to investigate this. Accept this request to start the quest.

The first step in the quest is to go to her best friend's Evelyn Carmichael's pod and retrieve some data which shows that she was dating a man called Lee. Next, Malik has set up an appointment with a certain Anonymous X in the Limb Clinic. Head over to the Limb Clinic, and approach a man with a cap behind the counter. He will ask Jensen to be discreet and to meet him outside the limb clinic in an alley corner when Jensen comes out. Here he gives Jensen the autopsy report. Read through this report, as it will have implications in the conversation with Lee at the end of the mission. Decide if you want to pay Mr X or not for this information.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Finding Lee's Apartment

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, finding's Lee apartment in the Youzhao district is the next step in the Malik side quest. Head into the Youzhao district using the metro. If you exit using the metro, head straight ahead and look for an alley where a man is walking with his back turned towards Jensen. Just behind the man but in front of Jensen is a ladder. Climb this ladder and jump through a few barrels and roof plates to head into the roof of the building. Open the map and follow the X sign (remember to make this quest active) to find Lee's apartment. Either hack through the door, or just the code 1234 to open the apartment door.

Once in the apartment, do a search involving the following - hacking into Lee's computer, looking at a baseball bat, switching on a phone answering machine, and looking at an antique clock. These actions will reveal clues and provide evidence of what Lee did to Evelyn. Next head to the Hive and confront Lee.


Deus Ex Human Revolution Confronting Lee

In deus ex human revolution, find Lee upstairs in the hive. Before talking to him, go through the autopsy report again. Then talk to Lee. The key is to get him to confess. The conversation options will be easy given the clues, evidence and autopsy report that Jensen has now. Eventually, Lee's confession will be recorded and Malik will turn up to congratulate and thank Jensen for his help.

The rewards for helping Malik include improving an already good relationship with Malik and a Praxis point. The Praxis point may not be that worth it, given that more praxis points had to be spent for example in hacking into the hive security (Capture level 3) to complete the Malik quest.

After helping Malik, it is wise to turn one's attentions to the main quest - infiltrating Tai Yong Medical.


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