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Deus Ex Human Revolution Tai Yong Medical Lower Levels

Updated on September 13, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Tai Yong Medical Lower Levels

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen must infiltrate the tai yong medical (tym) lower levels in order to get into the high tower and obtain the information he came to Shanghai to get. To access the tai yong medical lower levels, first get into the LIMB clinic. The tai yong medical entrance is just to the left of the LIMB clinic.

The initial stages through the deus ex human revolution tai yong medical lower levels is pretty easy. Just walk past the first few corridors, until you reach a TYM employee trapped behind a glass panel and asking Jensen for help to escape the gas filled chamber.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Helping the TYM Employee

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, it is possible to reach the tai yong medical higher towers without helping the tym employee. It is recommended that Jensen helps the TYM employee as a lot of code passwords and rewards will be unlocked for Jensen for helping the TYM employee. To help the TYM employee, Jensen must hack through a level 3 security door and close the penal that will shut down the gas leaking into the chamber where the TYM employee is trapped.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Basic Guide to Hacking

.In deus ex human revolution, hacking through the security consoles, doors and computers is a constant factor of the game. Therefore, investing a few points in the hacking modules of Jensen augmentation is important in determining the outcome and enjoyability of the game, and is worthwhile. Do not invest too much into the hacking modules initially, and then as the hacking becomes harder and no codes can be found, start improving on the hacking modules. Upgrade the capture cards to level 3 at least for this stage, and the stealth hacking to level 2. The Praxis points invested in the hacking module will be obtained again through completion of these missions, including a Praxis point obtained by helping the TYM employee. When using the hacking system, when a reasonably low level security node is bypassed, use Fortify to delay time for the detector system (when activated) to trace back to the hacker origin point. Once the round distant node is reached and hacked, the console is hacked.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Rewards for Helping the TYM Employee

In deus ex human revolution, the rewards for helping the TYM employee are numerous and include the following - a Praxis point, a cupboard that contains all the password codes for this level of Tai Yong Medical, and help from the TYM employee, who tells Jensen that a certain security guard will let him through if he says to the security guard that Lee the TYM employee wants him to repay a favour.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Yong Tai Medical Passing Through the Pangu

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, Jensen must pass through part of the Yong Tai Medical factory and cross part of the Pangu (the structure that keeps Upper Hengsha above Lower Hengsha). This appears daunting (if you understand what the Pangu is actually) initially, but can be easily achieved in the following way.

When entering the room that contains the security guard that owes the TYM employee a favour, use that favour, and the security guard will go to a side room, and leave Jensen alone. Turn around and look for a control console that will open up a catway through the Pangu. Open this path up by either hacking through it, using the codes obtained from helping the TYM employee. Next head out of this control room, and head out, looking for a ladder that leads up from outside the control room. Climb up the ladder, and then look for a crawlway. Crawl through this until Jensen reaches a shaft that extends all the way down. One should always have a reserve of Praxis points to use when the situation arrives. In this case, invest one Praxis point to purchase the parachute landing module. Then jump down into the hole (the cinematic for jumping down always looks so cool!), and use another crawlway to exit from the shaft. Jensen is almost to the elevator that will lead to the upper towers. Remember to pick up the stun darts and gun in this level, if your Jensen is the stealth, stun and tranquil type of character.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Reaching the TYM Upper Levels Elevator

In deus ex human revolution, the elevator to the TYM upper levels is reached by coming out of the crawlway into a control room where there are two guards. Use a cyber bar to replenish the energy bars so that Jensen has at least two energy bears. Use the computer console cover to hide and then in rapid succession take out the two guards. Next exit the room and note that a third guard is coming through a laser blockage into the corridor. Attract the attention of the guard expertly (go from one side of the pillar cover to the other). This will cause the guard to be alerted to Jensen's presence but not detect him or become hostile. The guard will be fooled into entering the control room. Quickly stealth crouch walk to the back of the third guard and take him down too. This technique will allow the third guard to be taken down inside the control room away from the attentions of the security camera. This technique is recommended for moderate level (basic guide to stealth) users of the Jensen stealth techniques.

Next stealth past the security camera and head to the left. Open the double sliding door, and head up the stairs. Take out another security guard here, and then proceed right to head into the elevator that will take Jensen into the TYM upper levels and into the data core room.


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