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Diablo 3 Defeat Belial Lord of Lies

Updated on May 29, 2012

Diablo 3 Use Tactics and Wizard to Defeat Belial Lord of Lies

In Diablo 3, the hero will eventually discover the true identity of the Lord of Lies Belial. There is actually not much of a surprise there. The fight against Belial Lord of Lies is divided into three stages. Stage 1 is really easy and involves the hero trying to defeat Belial's minions. In Stage 2, Belial gets bored and enters the fight itself. However, he appears to be in his mortal form, and it does not take too much effort to defeat him. In Stage 3, Belial really gets angry and goes into his "Lord of Hell" form. He appears to have teleported the whole fighting area to an alternate greenish dimension and dishes out massive amounts of damage with swipe and area attacks. Belial's green multi-meteor shower attack is especially daunting and powerful. One wrong move, and the hero is wiped out. This will guide the wizard hero with tactics and carefully selected wizard skills and abilities to defeat Belial Lord of Lies.

Diablo 3 Stage 2 Fight Against Belial

In the stage 2 fight against Belial, the Lord of Lies will appear as a large (but not too large) figure moving across the aisle of the audience platform unleashing melee attacks and three pronged green ground ranged attacks on the hero. Avoid these attacks by running from one side of the platform to another, and use the wizard hero's ranged abilities such as electrocute and arcane torrents with death blossom rune to counterattack Belial from far away. Use diamond skin with crystal shell rune to avoid damage. Launch an occasional meteor attack on Belial. If the hero is running low on health, use mirror image to confuse Belial. Run the real hero to one corner and heal up. Eventually the hero will reduce Belial's health to the point where the battle will enter into the titanic stage 3.

Diablo 3 Stage 3 Fight Against Belial

The final stage of the fight against Belial begins. Here Belial will attack the hero with a few moves -

  • he will swipe the hero aside and attempt to bury the hero into the ground with his huge claws (first attack).
  • he will breath a fiery green breath from one side of the platform to the other side. This is virtually impossible to escape (second attack).
  • he will unleash multiple green fireball attacks from the heavens. This is the most deadly of the Belial attacks, and the hero should cease all attacks and just try to dodge the points of impact of this meteor shower (third attack).

To counter these attacks, the hero must have the diamond skin skill on as often as possible. He should definitely reserve this ability for the third attack (when fireballs are released from the heavens). Have lots of greater healing potions available, and use the health orbs dropped around Belial only when the third attack is launched. By using diamond skin to prevent any damage, alternating between the healing potions and the health orbs around Belial and dodging Belial's points of impact, the hero will be able to survive repeated rounds of the third attack.

To defeat Belial, use the ray of frost spell between the first and second attacks listed above, and unleash the ray of frost attack from a distance on Belial. Hit Belial continuously with this spell. Belial's first attack can be dodged by timing the hero's runs correctly. When the hero is close to Belial launch a meteor attack on him. Keep repeating these actions above, and Belial will be defeated.

The Diablo 3 Act 3 is about to begin.


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