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Diablo 3 the Siege of Bastion's Keep

Updated on June 1, 2012

Diablo 3 the Siege of Bastion's Keep

In Diablo 3, the hero continues from Act 2 and heads into Act 3 and Bastion's Keep. Azmodan's forces are laying siege to Bastion's Keep. Azmodan wants to storm Bastion's Keep and seize the Black Soulstone, claiming it for his own and winning the ultimate battle against humanity. Here the hero must light the signal beacons in the skycrown battlements and prevent Bastion's Keep from falling. At each stage in trying to light the signal beacons, the hero will face hordes of Azmodan's forces and then must content against a demonic hellbearer which is spewing out countless demon troopers from its maw. This will guide the wizard hero in using a variety of wizard abilities to defeat these monsters and complete the siege of Bastion;'s Keep quest.

Diablo 3 Using Wizard Abilities to Defend Bastion's Keep

The wizard hero must track through a series of Bastion Keep battlements to get to the towers where the beacon signals are located. A map of this area of Bastion Keep is therefore very useful, as the hero must not only find his way to the beacon signals, but must defeat tons of vicious monsters to get there. These monsters are the demonic hordes of Azmodan (demonic hellflyers, demon troopers and demonic hellbearers) and the fallens (fallen grunts, fallen prophets and fallen slavelords).

At this stage in his hero career, the wizard will have the following abilities in which to mix and blend and use against the monsters. These abilities include -

  • slow time - this creates a globe of slow time which engulfs the battlefield and slows time, decreasing enemy defences and increasing dodge time for the hero to escape enemy attacks.
  • meteor - pressing button 2 on the keyboard uses up arcane power and invokes a fiery meteor to be launched from the sky against the monsters.
  • electric pulse with fire bolts rune - creates a series of electrical pulses which culminate in fiery flames emanating from the electrical pulses. Can destroy enemies in masses even as they surround and swarm in onto the hero and his follower.
  • hydra with arcane bolts rune - this very useful summon spell places three hydras at locations around the battlefield. These hydra spit off arcane bolts which pulverise the enemies and reduce them to ashes even as the hero prepares to attack from range with disintegrate.
  • disintegrate with convergence rune - creates a disintegrate beam which literally disintegrates enemies. Use the convergence rune to converge the beams for greater effects. Both good looking and effective against masses of enemies.

By combining these wizard abilities above, the wizard hero will be able to defeat the demonic hordes and cause the demonic hellbearer to fall off from the battlements. Light the five signal beacons and complete the Siege of Bastion's Keep quest.

It's time to head downstairs to defend Bastion's Keep.


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