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Dishonored Find Sokolov

Updated on October 17, 2012

In Dishonored, the hero has crossed the drawbridge and he approaches Sokolov's house. However, getting to and into Sokolov's house does not mean that the hero will find Sokolov. There are many obstacles and gates to pass through before the hero can actually find and abduct Sokolov. This will guide the hero on how to get past the main obstacles in getting to Sokolov's house, how to get past the wall of light in Sokolov's house and how to find and capture Sokolov.

Dishonored Find Sokolov

Dishonored Find and Abduct Sokolov
Dishonored Find and Abduct Sokolov

Dishonored Get to Sokolov's House

From the part of the drawbridge close to Sokolov's House, there are two main ways to get to the next area. One involves freeing a prisoner near this part of the drawbridge, and then following him past some river krusts on the left side of the area and into the next area. However, the thug prisoner will turn on the hero at the end, so beware. The other way is to simply eliminate the guards along the way leading from the drawbridge using blink, cover and stealth takedown.

Once this area is cleared, the next area features a small area patrolled by many guards. There is a wall of light blocking the way further on. The panel that controls the polarity of the wall of light (whether it will harm the hero or harm the guards) lies beyond a waterwheel. To navigate this part of the game, first bypass the guards by going to the right side of the area near the river. Then head back into cover and eliminate the guards one by one from stealth positions. Then climb up onto the right hand side of the waterwheel (to prevent the hero from being flushed down into the river), and then onto the land before the panel. Change the polarity of the wall of light, and walk through the wall.

Finally, the hero will arrive at a holding cell area, where some prisoners are kept within a wall of light. Again, use stealth and identify the panel that will change the polarity of the wall of light. Rewire the panel and get into the holding area. Within the holding area, lure guards into the wall of light, and they will be vaporized. Now head out and tackle the remaining guards. Walk down the alleyway and blink up to the upper levels near the rooftops on the right.

Sokolov's House will be within sight on the right from near the rooftop.

Dishonored Navigate Sokolov's House to Find Sokolov

There are many guards in Sokolov's House. From near the rooftop, use stealth and the hero's favourite techniques to take out some of the guards outside the house. Enter the house and go up a flight of stairs on the left. The hero may need to take out some guards along the way, but not too many. The flight of stairs will then lead the hero right into a corridor that ends in a wall of light. The panel for the wall of light is located on the other side of the corridor and the hero needs to subdue some maids and guards to get there. However, if the hero has run out of rewire tools by this time, then a more novel approach will be to use possession. Hide somewhere within this area, until a guard comes along. Possess him.

Now use the guard to move beyond the wall of light. Possession will cease, and the guard will be freed. Go into stealth mode and from behind the guard, take him down.

Now head up the stairs and into another corridor with some more guards. If the hero now has a kick out of possessing the guards, then possess another one and move him into an ideal position before the power wears off. Take down this guard and use surprise attack to take down the other guard.

Proceed up the stairs until the hero reaches Sokolov's lab. Whilst Sokolov is babbling about this and that and how the hero came to his lab, go behind him, crouch and take him down (non-lethal).

Head Back to Samuel the Boatman

Sling Sokolov onto the hero's shoulders, and follow the arrow sign on the HUD and blink back to Samuel the boatman. The hero has found and abducted Sokolov successfully. It's time to remove the source of the master spy's cash flow.


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