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Dishonored Lady Boyle's Last Party

Updated on October 23, 2012

Dishonored Lady Boyle's Last Party

Identify Lydia Boyle in her party.
Identify Lydia Boyle in her party.

Dishonored Lady Boyle's Last Party

In Dishonored, Lady Boyle is the mistress and the chief financier of the Lord Regent. She must be removed for the loyalists to stand any chance of overthrowing the Lord Regent. It so happens that the Boyles are throwing a masquerade party. And the hero already has a mask. All he has to do is to "get invited" to the party, and then identify the correct Lady Boyle and remove her. This will guide the hero Corvo on how to activate the sequence of events in Lady Boyle's last party, identify which is the correct Lady Boyle under the mask and how to eliminate Lady Boyle.

Get Into the Boyle Mansion and Party

As usual, the mission will be issued at the Hounds Pit Pub. The hero can pick up a side mission from Lord Pendleton for this particular Lady Boyle mission. For this quest, the hero does not really have to get many items from Piero. Just approach Samuel the boatman, and he will ferry the hero to a point near the Boyle Mansion.

From here, the hero should be accustomed to using Blink and following the arrow sign on the HUD to get into the area just outside the Boyle Mansion courtyard. Beware of the tallmen in this area. Once outside the mansion courtyard, the hero should spot a party-goer chasing after her invitation, which has been blown away by the wind. The party-goer will stop chasing after her invitation. Take this opportunity to grab the invitation and present it to the guard at the door. The hero will be let into the Boyle Mansion and party. Outside the Boyle Mansion and in the courtyard, speak to Lord Pendleton's contact and complete this interesting side mission.

Identify the Correct Lady Boyle

Within Boyle Mansion itself, the actual party and fun begins. Simply walk around the party, until the hero bumps into Lord Brisby. Brisby is infatuated with Lady Boyle and wants to remove her from the company of the Lord Regent so she can be with him. He asks that the hero bring her down to the cellar where he will be waiting in a boat. This is the non-lethal way of eliminating Lady Boyle, so agree to Lord Brisby's plans. Learn from Brisby that Lady Boyle's real name is Lydia Boyle.

Now resume wandering around the party, until the hero meets with Miss White. Miss White asks the hero to get her a drink, so wander to the main banquet area and grab a wine cup and fill it with drinks. Head back to Miss White and she will reveal that the real Lady Boyle is dressed in white.

Resume wandering around the party, until the hero bumps into Lydia Boyle, dressed in white and with a white mask. Speak to her and tell her that her life can be saved, and she will then proceed down to the cellar. At one point during this journey, Lydia Boyle will stop before a locked door and will not proceed further to the boat area. Use the screw to unlock the gate, and then subdue Lady Boyle. Now bring her down to Lord Brisby, and the non-lethal mission of eliminating Lady Boyle is completed.

Get Back to Boatman Samuel

The hero must get back to Boatman Samuel. Blink out of the mansion and then stealthily approach the new location of Boatman Samuel. Report to him that the mission was a success. Return to the pub and get on to the crucial mission of the game - eliminating the master spy himself.


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